X-Site is a token where you can earn good profit. They are going to bring their own DeFi exchange and you can also buy or sell crypto currency from this exchange.

From this crypto currency token, you will be able to earn benefits from staking, trading, team building etc.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Ways of earning profit in X-site exchange
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income

1. Overview

X-site is going to bring their own exchange and also going to bring their own token. This token will be on trc 20 blockchain.

You can generate your profit in dual ways. Selling and buying of XST token will be available on this exchange.

Conversion of TRX into BTC or USDT into DOGE will be possible on this exchange.

x-site introduction

It is 100% decentralised running on tron network. Smart contract based which is not under government or any organisation but instead running on internet so nobody can touch it or close it.

decentralised global exchange

They are bringing limited supplies token in the market. TRON is currently ranking 19th in 6000 crypto currencies. Similarly XST is also expecting such kind of response from the market.

four innovative ways to earn from x-site

XST token is freely and instantly convertible to TRX. TRON platform is known as no cost crypto platform. You can also earn huge amount from it’s affiliate system.

x-site roadmap

Having a huge roadmap, company is prepared for all kind of activities and vision of their efforts in different streams.

2. Ways of earning profit in X-site exchange

Three major ways to earn from X-site token is shown below.

You can earn from trading, staking and also choose to go for referral program.

ways to earn in x-site

These are the different ways in which you can earn from exchange. Let’s talk about the actual procedure to go through.

3. Business Plan

If you want to join the system or associate your business with x-site, joining amount is minimum 20$. You need to open an account in TRONLINK pro wallet.

You can buy X-site token with TRONLINK pro. In below image, complete process is explained.

business plan for x-site

4. Types of income

Here multiple ways are available to earn income.

  1. Staking program
  2. Trading of token
  3. Sponsor income
  4. Team building incentive
  5. Trading net club

1. Staking program

You can stake your tokens for n number of days and more patience you have, higher you can earn from the system.

x-site benefits

This is a good way to earn non working income from the system.

2. Trading of tokens

You can also do trading of your tokens. Investing minimum 50$ can give you 0.5% trading benefits on daily basis.

Withdrawing profits at anytime with 0 transaction fees is a nice option.

trading of tokens

3. Sponsor income

When you sponsor one person, you get 0.75% daily trading benefits.

If you sponsor 2 person in the network, you can start earning 1% daily trading benefits. Total achievable return will be 300% in both the cases.

sponsor income

More you work in the company, higher your profits can become.

4. Team building incentive

Your level 1 sponsors will give you 5% benefits. What ever business they will do in the company, you will get 5% income from it.

Level 2 will give 3% of business and from level 3 you will earn 2% of business.

team building income

BUY RULE : If you buy X-site token, you will be charged 112%. When you buy these tokens, automatically 12% fees is charged from which 10% will be distributed in level income and 2 % is trading fees.

5. Trading net club benefits in x-site

If you want to take benefits from your team’s trading profit than you can take it from being a part of trading net club.

Till 10 generations you can earn this benefit. You can take 10% of Daily return on yield. But condition is you need to do 1 direct sponsor to take 10% from level 1. 2 directs to be eligible for level 2 , 3 for 3 and so on till 10 levels.

trading net club benefits

Hope you got to learn what you were looking for in X-site token business plan. Stay tuned for more updated information.


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