Voyax is bringing a unique earning concept in today’s decentralised market. Here you will get cash back, more than the amount you will invest for ID activation.

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Company is also providing level income whose matrix will be filled automatically from left to right, top to bottom. You can earn more than 1Cr. income from level income!

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal document
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income

1. Overview

Voyax private limited is a recently launched company whose project is very new and unique in this market. You have opportunity to grab your slot as soon as possible and take the early bird benefits.

voyax introduction

Let’s get into the actual services which company is claiming to provide.

You won’t believe company is providing it’s own shopping portal, recharge portal and many other services so client’s don’t have to go anywhere else for recharges and shopping.

Although the biggest benefit is they will also get cash back while they perform these operations on company portal.

about us

Vquaint or so called Voyax is also providing you a recharge portal so you don’t have to go anywhere for dth, mobile and other recharges.

In addition to this you will also get online booking services and utility bill payment services.

redeem details
  • Shopping portal
    • Men wear
    • Women wear
    • Kids wear
    • Electronics
    • Hot coupons
    • Discount deals
    • Ecommerce site

2. Legal document

Voyax is keeping clearing and crystal clear vision between company and customers by providing all the legal documents.

legal documents

Above is company’s official PAN Card and below is Voyax certificate of incorporation which proves company is certified by Govt. of India, Ministry of corporate affairs.

3. Business Plan

If you want to join or associate your business with Voyax, three packages are available for you.

voyax business plan
  • First Package : INR 999/- where you will Get T Shirt and 2k Cashback.
  • Second Package : INR 2499/- where you get jeans and 4k Cashback
  • Third Package : INR 4999/- where you get suits and 6k Cashback.

You can join the venture with any of the three packages given above and start earing from the system. Even when you will use their portals, you will get cash back and save lots of money.

4. Types of income

Voyax is providing you five types of income from where you can earn as much you want.

types of income in voyax
  • Level income
  • Referral income
  • Extra pair income
  • Royalty income
  • Repeat level income

1. Level income

level auto fill

Here the matrix will be filled automatically in left to right and top to bottom format. This will fill upto 25 levels and you can earn a very huge amount from the system.

level income

When on level 1, 2 people will join the system per person you will get 35 rs similarly on second level you will get 30 rs per person for 4 people and it goes upto level 15 where you will get 2rs from 32768 people.

By this way you can earn 1Cr+ income from this system.

voyax level income

This will go on upto 25 levels where the income just keep blowing your mind. Yes! It will fill automatically and you will earn on each level from each person!

2. Refer and earn income

Whenever you will refer any person in the company, on all three packages you will get different benefits.

On first package you will get :

  • Direct commission of 200 Rs and 200 Rs Cash back

Followed by the second package where you get :

  • Refer income of 600 Rs and 600 Rs Cash back

Finally on third package you get :

  • Direct income of INR 1500 and 1500 Rs Cash back.

3. Royalty income

It is divided in five different sections :

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Crown

When you will do 7 directs in the company and you completes level 5, you achieve silver rank.


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