vex bazaar

Vex Bazaar new a new service based multi level marketing company which is bringing recharge services for you and also you will get commission on paying bills through it.

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In addition to this, company is also giving you an opportunity to earn daily ROI income from the system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Vex Bazaar is in pre launching stage right now. Company is brining all the online services for you such as gas bill payment, recharge services, ecommerce portal, utility bill payment, mobile recharge etc.

vex bazaar services

Very soon, there mobile application is going to be launched.

2. Legal documents

Here company is showing all there legal documents so there is no doubt even if people wants to join from around the world.

Due to this Covid 19, people are stuck in their home in lockdown which could raise questions about the legality of the company but now everything is visible.

legal documents of vex bazaar

Above you can see Govt. of India, Ministry of corporate affairs certificate and company’s official PAN Card.

3. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with Vex Bazaar, joining amount in the venture is INR 299.


You will get 299/- worth voucher which can be used during the online services which you can take from the organisation service portal.

4. Types of income

Vex Bazaar is giving you multiple types of income if you work with the company.

  • Daily Cash back
  • Golden referral life time income

1. Daily Cash back

Company is giving you 60 rs worth daily cash back which will become 1800 rs worth cash back in a month.

You have to renew your id in every 7 days to cop up with the benefits.

second package in vex bazaar

Second package is of 499 rs where you will get 499 rs voucher which you can utilise in the recharge services.

Here in this package, you will get 100 rs cash back everyday which makes monthly value of 3,000 rs cash back and here also every week id renew is mandatory.

2. Golden referral life time income

Vex Bazaar is giving you daily referral income of 1 rs from level 1. level 2 referrals will give you 2 rs daily and similarly upto 20 levels you will get referral bonus.

If you see this daily income in a month, 210 if you do 7 members only in your level 1.

Golden referral income in vex bazaar

Capping limit on each level

You have to increase your network to increase your net worth. You level 1 capping is 1500 rs, once you earn this much from level 1 this bonus will stop.
Now you have to increase your level 2 team to get more benefits from referral income.

3. Franchise income

If you purchase bulk pins from company, you will certain package pins free.

Here if you purchase 25 pins, you will get 1 pin free, On 50 pins you will get 3 pin free, Similarly 500 pins will give you 40 pins free.

5. Terms and conditions

Above listed few terms and conditions which you must go through before you join the venture so you get to know all rules and regulations.


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