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Vestige is an Indian product based network marketing company which is showing enormous growth every year. They offer variety of products ranging from skincare, cosmetics, health supplements etc.

Ranking 30th on 2020 DSN Global 100 List. A multi level marketing company which is showing tremendous growth in past few years keeping them in top 100 direct selling companies in the world.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Products
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

Whenever in India, if anybody talks about multi-level company or product based direct selling company, Vestige is the first and most popular brand which stands high and shines out.

Vestige is running from India, started in 2004 which was launched in New Delhi.
Yes, successful Indian network marketing giant.

Then and Now

then and now

About Vestige

vestige about us

To visit Vestige official website. [ Click here ]

2. Products

Company is providing 15 different categories of products which are listed below :

  • Health supplements
  • Mach-Drive
  • Water purifier
  • Air purifier
  • Ayurveda
  • Health food
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Home hygiene
  • Oral care
  • Colour cosmetics
  • Premium skin care
  • Men’s grooming
  • Agri products
  • Business tools
vestige products list

On addition to this, company is providing 30 days money back guarentee to their associates if product is not appreciating enough.

Quality and Services they are providing are unconditionally insane.

3. Types of income

Vestige gives you an amazing opportunity to earn from 7 different types of income.

types of income in vestige

1. Retail Profit ( 10% – 20% )

retail profit in vestige

Whenever we purchase any product from the company, we will get a discount of 10-20% on the billing amount.
This is first type of income which is known as Retail profit.

2. ABP Cashback ( 5% – 20% )

Accumulative performance bonus cashback.

vestige apb cashback
  • 1 P.V = Rs 30

According to your P.V’s, you will get the subsequent performance bonus.

3. Director Bonus ( 14% )

vestige directors bonus

When you achieve the last level and do retail sales of 10,000 P.V, you get 20 % and become eligible for director bonus which is 14%.

4. LOB ( Leadership overriding bonus – 15% )

Once you become Silver Director i.e., you make one associate in your downline achieve director position you become eligible for leadership overriding bonus.

5. Travel Fund ( 3% )

Once you become eligible for LOB, on the same hand you’ll be eligible to take 3% Travel fund which is another big source of income.

travel fund

6. Car Fund ( 5% )

Once you achieve Star director, and make 3 of your associates achieve director position you will be eligible for 5% Car Fund.

vestige car fund

7. House fund

When you achieve Crown director, and make 6 of your associates achieve director position you will be eligible for 3% House Fund.

vestige house fund
Director Bonus
director bonus

Some positions which many people have achieved and amount they are earning in a month.

To visit the vestige home and know more. [ Click here ]
To check out more business plans. [ Click here ]



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