Velixa coin is newly launched ICO which is currently getting comparison with bitcoin in market. A new crypto currency which is recently launched.

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Company is giving level income upto 4 levels and sponsor commission as

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

In this developing world of payment methods, every country is shifting towards digital payment nowadays. Rise in value of Bitcoin is certainly not less than a magic.

Velixa cosmeceuticals inc. is now in market with it’s coin named Velixa.

velixa introduction

Crypto currency is making a world wide hold where this company is launching it’s own coin. A currency which is used for buying goods and services instead of cash or net banking.

It is a pioneer in industry which deals in skin care products. Now they are taking their step in crypto currency.

If you pay keep attention towards roadmap of this coin, you will notice in October 2020 they planned to launch velixa. In Feb 2021, they launched the ICO of the coin. April 2021, it is going to be listed in Exchange listing.

In July 2021, this coin is going to come in actual market for transaction purpose.

You can use this coin in gambling, sports betting and travel industry.

2. Business Plan

Company is going to start the initial offering from 0.05$ only. When you hold you will get more profit.

When we see supply chart of velixa coin, we can see price of coin will vary from 0.05 to 0.1$.

Here you can imagine if you invest in the initial days what will be your profit if you will hold you coins for a longer period of time.

velixa income distribution on holding coins

3. Types of income

It is giving you an opportunity to earn from system in various ways.

  1. Velixa Stake
  2. Sharing benefits

1. Velixa Stake

If you hold your coins for 30 days then you will get 5% Velixa coins. When you do the same for 60 new days you will get 15% Velixa coins.

Similarly when you hold it for 90 days, you will get 30% Velixa coins back.

2. Velixa sharing benefits

Company is giving you percentage wise level income. From level 1, user will earn 10% as level income.

From level 2, user will get 5% commission from each person joining in the company. Similarly you will get benefits in commission from level 4 also that is 2%.

sharing benefits

Stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews, hope you got what you were looking for.


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