Uninxcs is a new mlm company which is launching it’s single leg business plan in this lockdown. It will give you a massive opportunity to earn way more than your work load.

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It is providing you total of 5 types of income! Yes, a single leg business providing 5 types of income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Uninxcs is a recently launched plan where you can take the early bird benefits.

It is from a service based background which is providing health base services from last three years.

Uninxcs introduction

Certificate of incorporation

Uninxcs legal document

This proves that it is certified by Government of India, Ministry of corporate affairs.

2. Business Plan

Uninxcs is providing completely FREE registration. You can register yourself in the system, free of cost.

Meanwhile if you want to earn and make your pocket full of cash you have to activate your id by purchasing the health package worth INR 600 + 18% Gst.

business plan

3. Types of income

Uninxcs is providing you five different types of income from which you can earn.

types of income
  • Direct income
  • Single leg income
  • Level income
  • Franchise income
  • Royalty income

1. Direct income

Uninxcs direct income

You can do unlimited directs in the system and from each direct sponsor you will earn INR 50 direct commission.

2. Level income

level income

Uninxcs is also providing you level income till 6 levels. From level 1 you will get INR 20, level 2 gives 10Rs and so on till level 6 where you get 5Rs each person.

3. Single leg income

single leg income

Here single leg income is quite unique which you might haven’t seen anywhere yet.

When in your level 1, 100 members join the network amongst which you have to sponsor atleast 1, you will get income of 30rs for next 40 days.

It makes a total of INR 1200, similarly from level 2 when 350 members join you will get a total of 1600rs in 40 days duration. This goes upto 15 levels where you get 66000 rs in total.

4. Franchise income

Uninxcs franchise income

When you buy 20 pins from the system, you will get 1 pin completely free of cost. Similarly if you purchase 50 pins you will get 3 pins free.

5. Royalty income

royalty income

For being eligible for royalty income, when you do 30 directs in the network and 5 of which sponsor 5 more associates in their downline, by this condition you will be eligible for royalty bonus.

Here 4% of company’s profit will be shared equally amongst all the achievers.

4. Terms and condition

terms and condition


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