TwentyXPro is having a business plan which is trending in 12 different countries and now launching in India. This company is providing you a world class opportunity to earn with least investment.

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It is launched on 10th August 2020 in India.

Topics covered.

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. What to do?

1. Overview

TwentyXPro is here in market with a tagline : ” Turn 20 Euros into millions “. It is providing you working as well as non working income.

It is launched on 1st January 2020 from Europe and now running in India. TwentyXPro is running in 12 different countries.

TwentyXPro payment

You can join in this system with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa card or mastercard etc.

For Joining you will require a joining key which i will share you.

TwentyXPro key

2. Business plan

Joining amount in TwentyXPro is 20 Euros ( ~1736 Rs )


You will get Facebook Mastery Course on your joining with venture. When you will upgrade your id with higher amount you will get other respective courses.

Total 8 course are available here where you can master any skills.

When you will purchase the 8th course, you will be given 29 gm gold bar.

Stage 1 Course 1

 stages and courses.

You will start with 20 Euros in the network and further you can upgrade till 8th course.

3. What to do?

Big question comes for TwentyXPro, buying the course? how will it help and what should i have to do to earn?

Yes, let’s disclose the full plan and discuss it in detail.

TwentyXPro different stages

You have to bring 4 and help them to bring 4.

Company is claiming that if you bring 5000 people in your network than you can earn 8 Cr.+ income.

TwentyXPro 4 people strategy

When you bring 4 people in your down line, from each associate you will get 20 Euros which makes a total of 80 Euros.

So now you can upgrade into course 2.

Complete explanation

TwentyXPro final table

You can see in 2nd column when in 20 Euros course, you will bring 4 people your total income will be 80 Euros.

In 3rd column, you will get 20 Euros from 1st level, 10 euros from second level and 5-5 euros from third and fourth level respectively.

This makes a total of 1,840 Euros.

Similarly this will go on till the last column worth 2560 euros upgradation.

You have a potential to earn 10 lakh+ euros from this system.


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