tron universe

Tron universe is a unique business plan with working and non working income. If you missed out opportunity to enter biggest auto pools, here is your chance to enter and earn.

To visit Tron universe official website [ Click here ]

In addition to this, remember TRON is a crypto currency whose rates are going to touch 10rs very soon.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Tron universe is bringing an amazing opportunity for you all where you can earn working and non working income. Company is working on 100% decentralised smart contract.

A system which can not be manipulated, changed or edited by any community , individual or organisation. It is running on internet and till the internet will exist, this system will run.

tron universe about us

There is no third party involvement in the company.

Here are all the benefits listed of the company and WHY you should look into it?


2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join TRON universe or if you want to associate your business with the company, joining amount here is 550 TRX.

joining amont in tron universe

3. Types of income

Tron Universe is giving you an opportunity to earn from five different types of income.

  • Direct income
  • Universal pool income
  • Level income
  • Upgrade income
  • Matrix income
tron universe types of income

1. Direct income

When ever you will do a direct sponsor in the company, you will get 300 TRX as direct commission.
You can do unlimited amount of directs in the system.

direct income in tron universe

2. Universal pool income

This is a unique way of earning income, you can earn 250,500 ,1000 or any amount of TRX from the system during the day.

Whenever somebody joins the network after you join the company, 250 trx will go in universal pool .

universal pool income

When four ids will join after your id activation, you will get 750 TRX and 250 trx will be reinvested in the universal pool.

process of earning from universal pool

Here you can see in Tron universe, when 2 people comes in your level 1, you will get 100 trx and 500 trx will be used as an upgrade amount to next package.

auto pool income

Similarly it will upgrade upto 7th level where you can not even imagine how much TRX you can earn from the system.

Global Community

smart matrix in tron universe

From Smart Matrix you can earn an extra income from 3 by 2 pool. Here you will earn 2000 TRX from level 1 and 36,000 TRX from level 2.

gold matrix

Gold matrix will give you an opportunity to 10 times more than what you earned in previous pool.

Similarly like this you can earn from Platinum matrix, Royal Matrix, Crown Matrix.

Direct income

You will get flat 300 TRX direct sponsor income from all of your direct sponsors joining in the system.

direct income

Thank you for staying till the end and reading the whole business plan, Stay tuned for more upcoming business plan blogs.


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