tron meter

Tron meter is a new multi level marketing company which is running on crypto currency concept. Here company is going to give you working as well as non working source.

If you want to join the company or associate your business with them [ Clickhere ]

Company is giving you an opportunity to earn more than 7Cr. TRON from this system by non working means.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

TRON meter is bringing a new opportunity for everyone to earn from working as well as non working income.

Why crypto currency ? we want to let you know that smart contract systems which is 100% decentralised are immortal. No individual, community or organisation can close it since they run on internet.

In above image you will get to know a basic knowledge of the TRON – the crypto currency on which this company is running.

This system is 100% transparent, decentralised and fully secure as they are committing.

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join TRON meter or associate your business with them, joining amount in the company is 500 TRX.

When you join the system with 500TRX, your level 1 is filled with 2 new members which will make your overall turnover as 1000 TRX.

Amongst this, 750 TRX will be used for upgrade amount and the remaining is your income of level 1. From level 2, you can earn 1000 TRX and 2000 TRX is used as your upgrade income.

Sponsor income in the second line, 600 TRX which is 20% of the total turnover in that level done by user. Similarly placement upline is 80%.

3. Types of income

TRON meter is giving you multiple ways to earn from the decentralised system.

1. Smart matrix

When your first pool of 2 by 2 is over, your income will be 1000 TRX and here you will get this opportunity to enter a smart matrix of 3 by 2 structure.

Here when you will pay 3000 TRX, people will come in their downline and when this pool is completed, A will get 54,000 TRX.

If you keep joining another pools, you can join them to earn more than you ever thought.

Here above, global community part time ltd and TRON meter is your online optino.

When you will earn enough TRX but you still want to work, you can keep upgrading your id until your perspective is clear.

This is how you will take entry in Crown matrix. It is completely non working income.

In total from this non working income source , you can earn a total of 9Cr + from the company.

If you looking for a short term fix and looking for an opportunity to earn, this is one of the best platforms on which you can work.


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