tron india

Tron India is a network marketing company in which you can earn from working as well as non working source of income.

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This organisation is having very low joining amount so every individual can join and work in the system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Tron india is a digital platform from where you can get the opportunity to earn TRX. It is a 100% transparent and 100% decentralised system.

tron india about us

A system which is running on smart contract and is completely decentralised that means it is having no owner, no individual owns this organisation.

Nobody can close it or edit the system or make any changes in the system.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join TRON India or looking to associate your business with the company, joining amount is 550 TRX only.

joining package

You are going to get these 5 incomes once you join the system and start working.

3. Types of income

Company is giving you an opportunity to earn from five different types of income.

  • Direct income
  • Magical pool income
  • Level Upgrade income
  • Global Matrix income
  • Global Auto pool matrix

1. Direct income

Company is giving you 400 TRX flat sponsor income, you can do unlimited number of sponsors in the system. On each sponsor you will get 400 TRX.

2. Magical Pool income

Whenever you will register your id in the system and activates the id within 24 hours of registration, you will be eligible to get magical pool income.

tron india magica pool income

When you pay the joining amount, 50 TRX will be separated by the algorithm and it goes in magical pool. At the end of the day, the amount in the magical pool will be distributed equally amongst all the achievers.

3.Level Upgrade income

Tron India is also providing you level income. From Level 1 you will get 200 TRX, level 2 will give you a profit of 1000 TRX when 4 member will join your network.

This is how you can earn from 7 levels from this network.

tron india level matrix business plan

If you want to earn more than level income, you have option to earn from smart matrix.

When you will complete your 2nd level and get 1000 TRX, you will get a button to enter smart matrix. Here entry amount is 2500 TRX where 3by 2 matrix will go.

smart matrix

As you can see, On completion of this 3 by 2 matrix you will earn 45,000 TRX.

Similarly when you will complete 4 level, you can jump into smart matrix.

silver matrix

This is how you can earn from Smart matrix inside level income.

4. Terms and conditions

tron india terms and conditions


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