Swadeshi Mantra is a network marketing company which is introducing complete Swadeshi products for the associates with an opportunity to earn.

Products which are completely for daily use and which fulfils all the government guidelines.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Products
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Swadeshi Mantra is a 100% Indian multi level marketing company which is promoting all Indian products of daily use.

Every Indian needs these product in day to day life and it is possible that this company may break all records made by foreign companies by your support.

Swadeshi Mantra official page

To Visit Swadeshi Mantra home page. [ Click Here ]

To Join or know more about Swadeshi Mantra [ 9870763481 ]

Swadeshi Mantra highlighted points
  • It is completely supporting MAKE IN INDIA Revolution
  • Ethical with strong management system in company.
  • They have a wide range of quality Swadeshi Products.
  • Experienced Training support system for newcomers.
  • Massive 14 types of income in this venture.

Chairman of company is Mr. Kiransinh Chauhan.

Managing director of the company is Mr.Suhag panchal who is an international coach since 2001.

2. Products

They have a huge variety of products available for you.

Online Shopping Portal ( E – Mall )

online shopping portal

Choice of products available in these categories.

  • Fashion Accessories
  • Home and kitchen
  • Books and toys
  • Electronic items
  • Health
  • Foot wear and sports
  • Clothing
  • And Many more…

Utility services and Bill payments.

Swadeshi Mantra online bill payments

Discounts on these bill payments.

  • Online shopping
  • Bus Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Taxi Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • DTH Recharge
  • Mobile Prepaid recharge
  • Electronic Items
  • Mobile postpaid bills
  • Electricity bill
  • Gas bill
  • And many more…

This makes us feels like company is completely distributing it’s profit margins amongst you, so you can earn while learning the best from best.

Moreover company will give you 50 discount points on referring any associate to JOIN for FREE.

3. Business plan

Joining packages are of two types : FREE and PAID.

PAID package is worth 500 P.V which comes to an equal of INR 3,000 to INR 5,000. You have to do shopping of this much P.V to be eligible to start earning from Swadeshi Mantra.

4. Types of income

Swadeshi Mantra is providing you 14 Types of income.

  • Retail Profit
  • Direct Sponsor income
  • PV Matching income
  • PV Magic income
  • BV Matching income
  • Self Repurchase B.V Matching income
  • Franchise income
  • Rewards income
  • Repurchase matching income
  • Lifestyle income
  • Travel fund
  • Car fund
  • House fund
  • Royalty income

1. Retail profit ( 5%-14% )

Swadeshi Mantra retail profit

Here you get Retail profit from 5% to 14% like an example shown above.

2. Direct Sponsor income

Swadeshi Mantra sponsor income

Swadeshi Mantra Direct sponsor income is INR 400.
For this your sponsor must purchase products worth 500 PV.

3. P.V Matching income

Swadeshi Mantra pv matching income

Your first pair will be calculated as 1:2 or 2:1 and after that all the pairs will be 1:1.

As you can see, every pair matching will earn you INR 500 FLAT.

4. P.V Magic income

pv magic income

This is a very unique concept which is very exceptional in any of the business plans.

Your sponsors 5% income will be yours till the time he earns in the system.

Now when your sponsor will make more associates in their downline, you will get 3% of his sponsors total income.

After this on Level 3, when they will sponsor somebody you will get to earn 2% from theirs total income too.

5. Re-purchase matching income

re purchase matching income

When you do a matching of 1250 PV, you get 1 RP [ Reward point ]

At the end of the month this income is distributed amongst the downline members.

6. Self Repurchase B.V Matching income

self repuchase bv matching income

This income also works in the same way as above.

7. B.V Matching income

bv matching income

Here you will get 10% of your direct sponsors matching income. [ This income is valid till you earn complete 10,000 Rs. then it will stop. ]

8. Lifestyle income

Swadeshi Mantra lifestyle income

When you do a matching of 2500 B.V in your network, you get elegible for lifestyle income.

Here you will become a member who will be distributed 15% of company’s turnover equally.

9. Travel fund

Swadeshi Mantra travel fund

When your left and right leg will achieve Life style fund achievement, you get eligible for Travel fund which is 5% of company’s turnover distribution.

10. Car fund

car fund

Your left and right member achieve travel fund and you become eligible for Car fund which is 4% of company’s turnover.

11. House fund.

house fund

When your downline left and right member achieve car fund and you become eligible for house fund which is 6% of total company’s turnover.

12. Royalty income

royalty income

When your right and left member will achieve house fund, you will be eligible for Royalty fund.

This income is 2% of company’s turnover which is distributed amongst all the achievers.

13. Franchise income

franchise income

You will get 5% on Distributor price seperately.

Distribution of 77% B.V as your Income.

complete company's distribution

14. Rewards

Here in Swadeshi Mantra you will get rewards on matching of particular amount of PV which you can see below.

rewards income

5. Terms and condition

terms and condition


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