Strome is completely decentralised system which is based on smart contract. This system is providing level income for 100 levels. It is a TRON based concept.

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This whole system is going to provide you an opportunity to earn from a non working income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. Business plan

1. Overview

Strome is a completely decentralised system which is based on smart contract.

strome website

Q. What is decentralised?

Decentralized marketing is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability.

decentralised system

Smart contracts, like crypto currencies are decentralised. They work strictly according to the underlying program.

There is no human being interference in this system. Even the person who introduced this system can not change it, edit it or close it.

Q. Does Blockchain concepts can ever demolish ?

Blockchain concepts can not be closed since they run on internet, till the internet collapses their business plan goes on.

strome is fastest?

Strome is claiming to be one of the largest block chain based operating systems in the world.

Due to increasing scalability issues in Ethereum, people started fetching to develop faster and more reliable systems amongst which rised Strome.

2. Features and Strengths.

strengths and features

Strome is having these six high end features for which it is gaining wide popularity in India.

  • Security
  • Globalisation
  • Block chain
  • High performance
  • Decentralisation
  • Encryption
Strome features

Strome is having nine biggest strengths due to which you should look up towards it and start working with them.

  • Strome smart contract
  • Can never be hacked
  • Begin with as low as 500 Trons
  • Peer to peer transaction
  • No Owner, No admin, No developer.
  • 100% Decentralised and transparent system.
  • Lowest gas fee or network fee and transaction fees, almost 0.
  • Potential earnings is millions of TRX.
  • Referral bonus up to 100 Levels.
tron technology

They are using TRON based concept which is in wide popularity these days. But WHY?

Q. Why people are shifting towards TRON from Ethereum?

why Strome? why tron over ethereum

Due to five major reasons, TRON is favoured more over Ethereum based concepts these days.

  • Gas fees or Network fees is almost 0.
  • Lightning fast transaction time, 2000 TPS ( Transaction Per Second )
  • Unlike Ethereum, Strome will give five more returns on price hike
  • Crypto Whales have entered Strome era.
  • Strome is claiming to build Faster and bigger community than ethereum every second.

3. Business plan and Types of income

You are looking to join or associate your business with Strome?
Only 500 TRX it takes to activate your ID in the system.

1. Global dividation income

global dividation income in Strome

This income takes one time investment and gives life time earning!

Income starts immediately the moment you top up your id in the system. Those who comes first can earn more and big! No directs are necessary to get this income.

10% of all id’s after your activation will be distributed equally amongst all the members in the system.

2. Level income

level income

Strome is giving you level income upto 100 levels. From level 1 you will get 20% direct commission, level 2 will give 10%, level 3 have 5%, level 4 gives 0.5% and from level 5 to level 100 you get 0.2%.

3. Global Auto Slot

global auto slot

This is Strome global auto pool which you can join by upgrading your id by 1000 TRX and best part is you dont have to do any directs to join this auto pool.

When 3 people will join your downline in level 1, you are rewarded with 800 TRX per person which totals to 2400 TRX.

Similarly you earn and upgrade your id with subsequent TRX to earn bigger and massive income from the system.

4. Dividation Auto Slot

dividation auto slot

Whosoever will upgrade their id to global auto pool, 10% of their upgradation amount will be equally distributed amongst all the dividation auto pool members.

payouts in Strome

None of the money is going to the company, peer to peer payment is done so payment is transferred instantly.
You can earn a lots of TRX from the system.

Thank you for joining, stay tuned for more business plan reviews.


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