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Step quick is a new network marketing company which is launched on 25th Oct 2020. Here you have a massive opportunity to earn from 7 different types of income.

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Growth income is one of the highlight income of this business plan. In addition to this company is also providing you non working income which will go upto 365 days.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income

1. Overview

Step quick is providing you an amazing opportunity to earn from non working income.

step quick introduction

This is a service based plan that means company have invested a good amount of money initiating this idea.
You can avail all the services on company’s ecommerce portal .

about us

2. Legal documents

Here company is showing every legal documents for crystal clear vision between networker and company.

legal documents

3. Business plan

If you are looking to join the company or associate your business with Step quick, joining amount is INR 699/-

step quick joining amount

4. Types of income

Step quick is providing you an opportunity to earn from 7 different types of income.

types of incomes
  • Growth income
  • Bonus income
  • Rewards income
  • Franchise income
  • Level income
  • Direct income
  • Daily level income

1. Direct income

Whenever you will do a matching in the system, you will be given 100rs direct commission. You can do unlimited directs in the system.

direct income

2. Growth income

When you will do two direct in the system, you will be awarded 10 rs.
This amount will be given to you for the next 365 days daily.

In total from this income by doing two directs you can earn 3650 rs.

step quick growth income

3. Level income

Company is also providing you level income till 9 levels.
From level 1 you will earn 10 rs per person, level 2 will give you 5rs and similarly till level 9 where you can earn 0.50rs per person.

step quick level income

4. Daily level income

This level income will be given to you on daily basis. According to your level you will get paid daily for mentioned amount of days.

daily level income

5. Bonus income

Step quick is providing you bonus income where when your team becomes of 500 members, you will get 200 rs daily for the next 365 days.

This totals to a income of 73,000/- which is a very huge amount.

bonus income

6. Franchise income

When you purchase 50 pins at once, you will get 2 free pins similarly for 100 pins and purchase of 200 pins.

franchise income

7. Rewards income

If you are able to achieve any of these conditions within 2 months, you will be rewarded with such huge rewards.

reward income

5. Terms and conditions

terms and condition


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