Sports11 is a gaming community platform where you have a great opportunity to earn money while playing games. Yes! more you play higher you earn from the system.

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In this lockdown, many companies have disappointed us in the name of gaming and hidden identities were one of the prime reason to not trust them.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Sports11 is going to provide you a live cricket platform and very soon it is going to launch Gujarat Premier League in competition to Indian Premier League.

Sports11 introduction

Let’s have a look towards the chairman of Sports11 and it’s clear vision.

Sports11 Chairman and his vision?

With a clear intention, Vijay sir says that whatever you believe you can achieve.

chairman of Sports11

Why we should choose Sports11?

Great question!
As we all know, India is having a large number of internet users and it is a gaming platform so it is having highest probablity going viral very soon.

why we should choose Sports11?

Here people have to create their own team using genuine players and win great prizes. Multiple games will be provided by the company very soon.

how does Sports11 works?

You will compete against all the members forming the team and after match stats are compared to the actual players. Whosoever is having the highest points gets massive rewards.

It is a fully legal concept and providing completely FREE registration for all the believers from India.

2. Legal documents

Sports11 is providing 100% clearity to everyone so everyone have a crystal clear vision towards the venture. Below company’s legal documents are displayed with details.

legal documents

Above is Sports11 certificate of registration which states company is certified by Govt. of India, Ministry of corporate affairs.

legal documents part 2

Here is company’s certificate of commitment via Central Vigilance Commission.

Sports11 income tax department certificate

And above is company’s income tax department certificate.

3. Business Plan

If you are looking to join or associate your business with Sports11, you can register and download the application of Sports11 for FREE!

Sports11 registration

4. Types of income

Here Sports11 is providing you multiple types of income starting from Mega Contest Benefits.

Mega Contest Benefits

Sports11 types of income

This contest annual fee is INR 1100/- and your team size must be 100. You can play as much games you want and earn maximum amount from the system.

Every day you will get 11 Bonus point and in addition to this you will get commission on your downline binary income. Upto three level bonus is shown in above picture.

If you win the first prize you will get cash reward worth 2.5Lakh+. Similarly at second you can win 1.25L and this goes upto 50th where you can earn 5k Rs.

Maha Mega Contest Benefits

income part 2

Here entry fee is IR 11,000/- and here you can earn upto 110 Bonus points per day.

5. Terms and condition

Sports11 terms and condition

Here are few terms which you have to keep i mind before joining the venture.

Thank you for going through the whole business plan, Stay Tuned for more amazing business plan reviews.


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