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Direct selling industry have shown tremendous growth in past few months. Lock down reflected a data of massive opening of new companies but not with pure intention. But one company, SNP Marketing which is just launched with a MATRIX level plan is extracting all the attention.

Company is dealing in Anti Radiation Bio Energy Card which they want to circulate all over the country.
HIGH quality product and daily need of customers makes this product most efficient.

SNP Marketing is focusing on giving leadership and global competitiveness in the business sector in which we operate.

Topics covered.

  1. Overview
  2. Joining package
  3. Business plan
  4. Terms and condition

1. Overview

SNP Marketing is here with a whole new concept of direct selling where they are providing enormous amount of audience an opportunity to earn while learning the sales and presentation skills.

To Visit SNP Marketing Official page [ Click here ]

With a motive for a better health and massive wealth, SNP Marketing is LIVE now and getting huge attention in the market.

First let’s discuss about their products and then the business plan.

2. Joining package

snp marketing joining package

Joining amount in SNP Marketing is INR 500/-

When you deposit the joining amount in the company, you will get a product worth your amount i.e., an Anti Radiation Bio Energy Card.

3. Business plan and Types of income

SNP Marketing gives you an opportunity to earn from three different types of income.

  • Sponsor income
  • Silver Matrix income
  • Gold matrix income

Let’s discuss about these incomes in detail.

Sponsor income

sponsor income in snp marketing

They are providing 5% direct commission on first level.

Whenever you will sponsor any associate in your Level 1, you will get FLAT 5% as commission amount. In level 2-5, commission is distributed as 2%,1%,1% and 1% respectively.

Silver Matrix income

snp marketing silver matrix income

Here you will enter in SILVER MATRIX first where on joining of 5 members you will get an income of 250 Rs only if you direct 2 members.

In level 3, when 125 members comes in you network, your earning will be INR 6,250 and 2 id’s amount will be deducted for re entry in the system.

Same as in level 4, 5 id’s amount will be deducted. On level 5, 10 id’s amount will be deducted for re-birth.

When user will complete all 5 levels then 3 Lakh Rs will be automatically deducted from wallet for matrix upgrade, here user will enter GOLD matrix.

Gold matrix income

gold matrix income

Here the matrix will be in auto fill scenario from top to bottom, left to right.

There is no re entry in this GOLD matrix.

On joining of 5 members here in your network, your income will be 2.5 Lakh Rs and so on.

4. Terms and Condition

terms and conditions

Tds and Admin charges will be 5% and 10% respectively.

Registration in network is completely free of cost.



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