smart work

Smart work is a new multi level marketing company which is giving everybody an opportunity to earn from daily roi income. It’s a kind of investment plan which is giving you income daily.

Company is also giving level income to all the associates which is kind of working plus non working income. Other then that smart work have 5 types of income and optimistic vision for networkers.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

You can check the company is working on gold mining, crude oil, crypto currencies and many other concepts to bring to extra ordinary amount of benefits.

smart work about us

Company’s mission is to provide education to everyone and also increase the employment rate in the country. Below you can read about the company in detail.

vision and mission

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with Smart work, Joining amount in the company is 1000rs.

joining amount

After paying this amount to the company, you can start earning from 5 different types of income and also support the company in their motive.

3. Types of income

Smart work is providing you 5 different types of income to earn from.

  • Daily income
  • Level income
  • Package income
  • Reward income
  • Franchise income
smart work types of income

1. Daily income

Company is giving you daily income of INR 60. That means monthly you can earn 1800 rs and yearly you can earn 21,600 rs.

smart work daily income

2. Level income

Smart work is giving you opportunity to earn 5rs from level 1 from each member. Total income will become 50rs on joining of 10 members.

Level 2 per joining gives you 6rs which totals up to a lot.

Similarly till level 7, you will get income per joining of the person no matter how many people join in these levels. You will get income on activation of each on of them.

level income

3. Reward income

When your team will become of 500 members, you will get 15,000rs reward. Similarly when your team size becomes of 2000 people, you will get 30,000 rs as bonus.

4. Franchise income

If you bulk purchase pins from the company you will get extra pins so you can earn more from the company.

When you buy 20 pins, you get 1 pin free from the company. On the purchase of 50 pin, you will get 3 pins free from company. Similarly you can see in the below image.

smart work franchise income

4. Terms and conditions

Planning to join smart work or invest your money in it? It is most mandatory to go through the terms and conditions.

smart work terms and conditions

Hope you got to know everything about Smart work. Stay tuned for more upcoming informational blogs.


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