Shreshtacart Shopping

Shreshtacart Shopping is a service based mlm company where you are going to earn while using the services of the company. When your downline will do the same, you will be rewarded.

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It’s launched few days back so you have a great opportunity to take early bird benefits and earn a lot from the system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income


Shreshtacart Shopping is launched on 30th September and it is a service based mlm company which is providing you 10+ services on it’s portal.

Shreshtacart Shopping services
  • Mobile Recharge
  • DTH Recharge
  • Electricity Bill
  • Flight Booking
  • OLA Booking
  • Water Bill Payments
  • Landline Bill Payment
  • Gas Bill Payments
  • International Money Transfer
  • Bus Booking
  • Train Booking etc..

Their Moto is to provide all the services in one platform, make it easiest to use and moreover you can earn cash backs and extra benefits on it.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join or associate your business with Shershtacart, ID activation amount is INR 1,000.

For this amount you will get INR 1200 in your Cashback shopping wallet.

Shreshtacart Shopping business plan

You can use this cashback while shopping or using services from the portal.

In addition to this you will get an amazing opportunity to earn INR 20 daily from this system.

3. Types of income

Shreshtacart Shopping is providing you six amazing types of income from which you can earn unlimited amount of earnings.

types of income in Shreshtacart Shopping
  • Refer income
  • Post Read income
  • Shopping income
  • Recharge income
  • Reward income
  • Level income

1. Refer income

direct income

Whenever you will do any direct in the system, you will be awarded INR 100 direct commission on each sponsor.

2. Post Read income

post read income

This is a completely unique income where you have to read 10 post daily and you can earn 20rs from it.

3. Level income

level income

Shreshtacart Shopping is providing you an opportunity to earn from level 1 and upto level 10th.

From Level 1 you will get INR 1, level 2 gives 2 rs and so on upto level 10th where you will get INR 8 rs per person.

4. Recharge income

Shreshtacart Shopping recharge income

Here you will earn on recharge, whether you do or your downline upto 10th level.

When you do self recharge you will get 4% off, from level 1 members you will get 2% direct commission and so on till 10th level where you gets 0.02% commission per person.

5. Shopping income

shopping income

You will earn shopping income as we discussed above in blog but HOW?

When you will do shopping for yourself you will get 6% off, from your 1st level members you will get 5% commission, from level 2 you will get 2% and so on upto level 10th where you will earn 0.05% from each person.

6. Reward income

reward income

Here are certain rewards and their time period, if you achieve these specific conditions then you will be rewarded with android, laptop, bike and what not!

4. Terms and condition

terms and condition

Minimum payout in the company is INR 200 and a person can register only 1 ID. In addition to this, 10% admin charge, 5% TDS and 2% IMPS charges will be deducted.

Certain terms are allotted in the company which are all mentioned above.

Thank you for going through the whole blog, for more awesome reviews, Stay Tuned~!


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