Rudra forever

Rudra forever is a new multi level marketing company which is giving everyone an amazing opportunity to earn from multiple types of good income.

A product based company dealing in health care, cosmeceuticals products which is said to inspired by Ayurveda.

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Major bonus is company’s management is claiming to have more than 10 years of experience. You can read the complete business plan and analyze what did you like the best.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Rudra forever is claiming to be in market since past 10 years. It is not an investment plan but seems to be a secured value for money company.

But that you have to decide after going through the complete business plan.

rudra forever about us section

Rudra forever is giving you opportunities to improve health from natural products rather than the chemicals ingested ones. It provides low cost, low risk opportunity so you don’t have to spend lot of money to join.

rudra forever mission and vision

2. Business Plan

Company’s Joining amount is free of cost and if you want to activate id and start earning in the company, you can join it with 200rs.

Maximum you can go upto 5000rs. Multiple packages according to your choice is available.

business plan of rudra forever

3. Types of income

Here Rudra forever is giving you three different types of income.

  • Direct income
  • Team bonus income
  • Team upgrade income
rudra forever types of income

1. Direct income

You will get 25% of the amount which your direct sponsor will pay to company in order to join it. Rudra forever joining amount is already displayed in above image.

Here you can sponsor as many number of times you want in the company, you will get sponsor income unlimited times according to it.

2. Team bonus ( Royalty ) income

It is a fascinating income where you will be eligible to take royalty from the company.

Eligibility for royalty or team bonus income is only 4 direct sponsors. Once you do it, you get equal part of the pool. Pool where 25% of every new joining is stored and in a week equally distributed in all the achievers.

team bonus income

Capping is set for different packages. If you join from lower joining amount then you will only be able to earn 5X of the package amount.

Similarly as you go down in other packages, capping keep increasing gradually.

types of royalty income

3. Team upgrade income

Here company is giving you rejoining income of your existing direct sponsors. If you sponsor upgrade the package in the system, you will again get 25% of their upgrade amount.

team upgrade income

4. Terms and conditions

Rudra forever is overall having a good business plan but if you are thinking to join, you should join at your own risk. Here are all the terms and conditions of the company which you must go through in order to know each detail.

terms and conditions

Hope you got to learn everything from Rudra forever business plan, Stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.


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