royal fund

Royal Fund is a unique business plan where you are getting opportunity to earn from working as well as non working source of income.

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Here best part is joining amount, very low so anybody can join and start earning from company. In addition to this company is giving you daily return up to 7% which is very high.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal document
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Royal fund is giving you opportunity to join from 500 rs which is too less so everybody can easily start working in the company and earn money.

Company is having all the legal documents so in this time of lock down, nobody will raise any question about the legalities of the company.

Royal fund is dealing in sales and marketing of various types of products.

Categories such as home appliances, kitchen, herbal, organic and Ayurveda, electrical goods, solar energy systems.

2. Legal document

Here is company’s Udyog , Aadhar and PAN card which you can check for security purpose.

3. Business Plan

If you want to join in Royal fund or associate your business with the company, joining amount in the venture is starting from 500 rs.

If goes to a maximum of 1,00,000 rs so if you want to join, you can join from any package.

4. Types of income

Royal fund is having 7 types of income which is unique in it’s own way.

  • Direct income
  • Referral income
  • Level income
  • ROI income
  • Single leg income
  • Booster income
  • Rewards income

1. Direct income

Here company is giving you direct income of 20% that means when ever you will sponsor somebody in the network, you will get 20% of his joining amount.

You can do unlimited number of sponsors in the system and earn as much money you want from the system.

1% will be given to you for next 50 days as a referral income explained below.

2. Referral income

Here you will get 1% according to the package your sponsor joined for the next 50 days. In below image you can see what total income you will earn according to different packages.

3. Level income

Company is also giving you an amazing opportunity to earn from level income. Level 1 is going to give you 20% as already discussed. From level 2 you will earn 5% income.

Similarly up to level 50 where you can get up to 0.25%.

4. ROI income

Royal Club is giving you 7% daily returns on your investment according to your joining package. Below you can see exact amount of how much you can earn.

5. Single leg income

When your team becomes of 50 member, you will get 20 rs daily for 50 days which makes a total income of 1000 rs. Similarly when your team goes 250 in total, you will get 1500 rs.

This is how you can earn from your total team and this income will be daily for 50 days.

6. Booster income

If you activate your id within 4 hours of id registration, you will start receiving booster income.

This income is based on package you purchase where you will get 2% daily for next 50 days.

7. Rewards income

Royal club is also giving you certain rewards on achieving few conditions.

When you do a total business of 25000 rs , you will get 5% extra that is an income of 1250 rs. Similarly for above higher amounts.

5. Terms and conditions

Company’s T and c are displayed above which is mandatory to read.

Thank you for going through the whole business plan, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.


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