royal dream

Royal Dream is a direct selling company which is bringing a great business plan for you to earn in this lock down duration where every other industry is firing, they are hiring.

It is a product based, daily cashback plan where you can get plentiful income and rewards.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Products
  4. Business plan

1. Overview

Royal Dream is bringing a massive opportunity for you which we will talk about in this Blog but first let us talk about it’s overview.

It is a product based business plan where you have to buy in with a certain package in respect to which you will get :

  • Daily Cash back depending on the Buy-in.
  • Electronic product purchase worth that Point value.
  • Massive opportunity to earn.

To Visit Royal Dream official page. [ Click here ]

2. Legal documents

Royal dream legal documents are completely FREE to view and company is doing a legit business to help and change lives of many associates.

Royal Dream legal 1

Here is Registration certificate followed by the PAN card.

Royal Dream pan card

3. Products


Royal dream is giving a lot’s of options [ here ] which are daily needs of an individual.

Most of the companies introduce product which are of no actual use to an individual but here Royal Dream is available with multiple varieties of MUST use products.

products 2

All the electronics products are available for purchase here.

4. Business plan

Royal dream is having multiple packages to join from, each having multiple benefits. More is your joining amount, higher will be the daily cash backs.

1. Joining package and Daily Cash Back Income

daily cash back income

Cashback will be credit every monday in your wallet.

Note : 5% TDS and 5% Admin charges will be deducted from your payout.

Here the amount you paid for joining, you can take any product from the company of that Point value. If you don’t buy any product than your cash back will be doubled on every slot.

You will get the complete cashback in half duration.

2. Level Income

Royal Dream level income

Here 20% ROI amount of all the associates which are at your level 1, will be yours. Similarly in the subsequent levels, you will be given the ROI amount.

This will go on upto LEVEL 31.

Terms and conditions for level income.

t and c
  • Your 1 direct sponsor in the network will open 2 Levels, so 15 directs will open 31 levels for you.
  • Every monday payout will be automatically transfered into your bank account.
  • Saturday and sunday, no income will be given ( ROI AND LEVEL )

3. Rewards income

life time reward in Royal Dream

On doing a specific amount of business, you can get awarded a specific reward.


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