ridhi sidhi marketing

Ridhi sidhi marketing is a new multi level marketing company which is having a level plan and giving everyone an opportunity to earn from 9 different types of income.

Here a mixture of working plus non working plan is presented to you where you can earn from rewards, level income, refer income and multiple types of autopool.

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In addition company is having a list of product, not a single product but lots of product to choose from.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Ridhi sidhi is a new network marketing company which is showing all their legal documents including PAN card and certificate of incorporation.

Company is having joining amount of INR 2100 and giving 9 types of income to people. Yes, so many incomes with a list of product which is available with the company.

Let’s talk about it in detail.

2. Legal documents

Here you can see company’s legal document. Company’s owner is showing their PAN card, certificate of incorporation.

Also you can see Income tax department certificate. This solves many question people get while joining from around the country.

ridhi sidhi legal documents

3. Business Plan

Company is having 19 different products which you can choose from and having a joining amount of INR 2100.

business plan

Above you can see company’s product list. These all product you will get in 2100rs.

4. Types of income

In total, Ridhi sidhi is providing 9 types of income.

  • Auto pool income
  • Small magic pool income
  • Medium magic pool income
  • Super magic pool income
  • Bumper magic pool income
  • Direct income
  • Level income
  • Rewards and awards income
  • Repurchase income
ridhi sidhi types of income

1. Auto pool income

In auto pool, people join automatically that means any person who joins from anywhere in the country joins under you in the company.

When your level 1 is filled with 4 members, you will get 400rs. Completely non working way of earning income.

From level 2, you get 1280 rs and 500 rs goes for small magic pool. Similarly multiple other pools are there in the company.

auto pool income

Super magic pool income and bumper magic pool income table which you can check from below image.

super magic income

6. Direct income

Here company is giving you 400 rs direct income. Any time you sponsor any direct referral in the company, from your sponsor code you join someone in the network, you will get direct referral income.

You can sponsor as many people you want in the company.

ridhi sidhi direct income

7. Level income

Ridhi sidhi is providing you level income to earn from. From level 1, 10 members will join and when you will get 400rs from each joining, your total income become of 4000 rs. This is an example.

You can join as many number of sponsors you want in the company.

level income

Above you can see the table of level income in the company.

8. Reward income

You can earn good amount of rewards from the company once you achieve the conditions mentioned. As soon you achieve it, you will get the reward from the company.

5. Terms and conditions

Below you can see the terms and conditions of the company. Before joining any of the company always see the terms and conditions, kindly note that you join anywhere completely on your responsibility. We have nothing to do with your decision and this is only a review of a business plan.

terms and conditions

Hope you got all knowledge about Ridhi sidhi, stay tuned for upcoming business plan reviews.


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