recharge empire

Recharge empire is a new mlm startup which is financially supported through recharge activities on their portal. MLM company using recharges in prime as a business plan module are trending,unique and profitable these days.

There are many mlm companies which works on products which are of no use in our day to day life. However, still 90% joins by the motive to earn.

Here in this plan you will get completely useful product and services which will motivate you and your down line everyday to work and earn.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Recharge empire is a MLM company which is bringing mobile recharge service as a product which is need of every individual in India.

Here you will get benefits on recharge. On addition on referral and joining you will get more types on income.

In this company you can join with multiple id’s and work more to earn big income.

To visit Recharge empire official page. [ Click here ]

2. Legal documents

Recharge empire legal documents

Above picture reflects the legalities of recharge empire.

3. Business plan

Here three packages are available for you.

Recharge empire business plan

In INR 599/- package you have to renew it for 70 Rs every month and here you will get 1.5GB datapack for 28 days with unlimited callings.

And in INR1399/- package you will get the same features but here with
0 Rs monthly renewal charge.

Here in 1,399 Rs package you can also go for any DTH recharge for 1 year with 180 channels availability.

Joining package

Recharge empire joining package

For franchise model, INR 2,500 package is also available.

4. Types of income

Recharge empire is giving you three types of income.

  • Binary income
  • Upgrade franchise income
  • Franchise award and reward
types of incomes

1. Binary income

Let’s see the starting package of INR 599.

Recharge empire binary income

Here pair income is INR 150 and daily capping will be applied after 5id’s.

On INR 1399 package, pair income will be INR 250 and daily capping will be applied on 5 pair.

2. Upgrade franchise income

upgrade income

Here you upgrade your id to franchise package, you will get INR 20 per pin.

On pair matching of franchise id’s in your downline, you will be awarded INR 500.

Daily capping on this system is 10 Id’s per day.

Recharge empire important points

Few things to focus on this business module of Recharge empire.

3. Franchise award and reward.

franchise award and reward income

Here on franchise pairs you will get the following reward mentioned in front of them.

5. Terms and condition

Recharge empire t and c



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