In this blog we are going to talk about Razoo MLM Plan and how majority of people believe it is a scam model.

Multi-level marketing has been in popularity since a while now, people are addicted to invest and earn quickly without working.
Coin has always two faces, same ways there are mlm companies with good motives and a lots with fraudsters.

We assure, you invest your money in the right place and dont get scammed!

Topics covered.

  1. What is Razoo ?
  2. Is Razoo a scam?
  3. Razoo SCAM REVEALED. [ 2020 UPDATED ]
  4. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
  5. Best Software and Mlm services in India .

1. What is Razoo ?

Razoo was a genuine crowding company from U.S.A which was started in 2006.
It had some great achievements, became one of the best Fund raising inducting and top company in the world.

But due to some reasons Razoo closed in 2013.

In 2020, a person from India started a mlm company of the same name.

2. Is Razoo a scam ?

As we know, Only way we can predict future is to see the past or study the present.
Simply look into their work.

Razoo is working on crowdfunding model of MLM.
It’s good but when we go to their website we find out :

  • It’s just an another WordPress theme which is not even edited correctly. ( Named Profund )
  • Razoo website tells us, they do fundraising for medicals, emergencies, education…etc
    But when we Click on it we find out Nothing.
    It redirects to top of the page. No information at all.
  • NONE of the links from the footer works.
    It gives completely NO information about how it works.
    Everytime you click it’ll redirect to top of the website.

Atleast do something to make it genuine isn’t it ?

Not Only This, among all the clues there is ” About Us ” Section.

  • When we click ” About Us “,

    Thank god it works..

    Takes us to new page, But! What do we find.?

    3 Dummy characters on Screen with Fake Id’s.
    No information about the company’s director, MD or at least team members. Fake photos uploaded somewhere from internet.

3. Razoo SCAM REVEALED. [ 2020 UPDATED ]

Upto this point we saw all the flaws and fake identities on the website.

Time to check the Legalities.

Which went FAKE TOO!!!!

Check this OUT. ( Documents which they provided. )

fake certificate 1
Through Yt. MLM Aman investigation.

This is a Certificate of Incorporation which they claim to be theirs.

Now Check out the exact certificate which is legal with USA Stamp, from which Razoo ILLEGALLY photo shopped and edited.

fake certificate 2
Through Yt. MLM Aman investigation.

Editor was so immature that he erased some portion of USA Stamp on the background and it appears as white portion their.
( Check WHITE space behind ” Razoo Club ” )

Razoo Fake certificate.

On further investigation, we discovered that another fake certificate has been published on the website.

fake certificate 3
Through Yt. MLM Aman investigation.

This certificate is having absolute 0 chances of being genuine since there is no organization,person or anything mentioned who provided themthis appreciation.

Atleast anything to make it genuine??

And on further checking we found out, It’s another edited certificate.

fake certf.4
Through Yt. MLM Aman investigation.

Just needed to change ” Name “, ” Date “.

And It’s Ready .!
Another Appreciation to the company. WOW!.

Even the Phone number provided by them is not working.
Ofcourse right! Nothing left to answer?

According to all this survey we come to a conclusion that nobody can save this company from going down.
Seems absolute ILLEGAL and nothing is genuine about them.

Share your comments below and what do you think about them.

4. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
Click here to Read this blog.

5. Best Software and Mlm services in India .

software demo.
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  1. Are bhai sab kuch document frod hai too fir RBI.SEBI.INCOMTAX bhi frod hai kya.tumne kaise boldia ke ye razoo ke document frod hai.razoo ka A/c idfc bank main hai wo ac main transaction hora ha hai isko RBI.SEBI.INCOMTAX nahi dekhte hai kya? Phone pay.googlepay.paytm ye sab bhi frod hai kya.kisiko bhi frod bolne se pahele pura inq karke bolo

  2. Are tum to mera swal ka jawab do.agar documents frod hai to phir company ne bank main cc a/c kaise khola.documents orginal ya edit ye kam to tumhara hai?kyun ke tum ek utuber ho.ham to govt of india ka guide line palan karte hai.company agar frod documents lekarke business kar raha hai to phir RBI,SEBI,INCOMTAX ye sab so geye kya?ans to apko dena padega

    • Brother this company cannot afford to open account in any other bank as well because genuine bank like KOTAK, SBI, HDFC will do the documentation part very strictly. IDFC was liberal last year

      If they have bank account doesn’t means that they cannot do scam. and every youtube video states that company can survive 300 days

      • Very true
        In past many companies have done fraud.
        Last year i came across a person who opened bank account in IDFC using MSME certificate. IDFC is in growing stage with less popularity. Their sales executives have targets which are tough to complete so by hook or by crook they open accounts with less documents

  3. Mare pyare bhai log agar idfc pvt bank galat hai to phir tumsab bhi galat ho kyun ke tumko malum nahi hai ghar me sabse bade admi ko PAPA kahete hain tophir idfcbank ho ya phir govt bank ho RBI unka bapp hai.ek pvt ltd company ke cc ac open karne main kya kya docs chaiye tumko malum hai to pls expane


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