quick pay

Quick pay is a new decentralise system which is running on a smart contract. A new generation platform which is world’s first decentralised support fund.

It is running on TRON block chain and smart contract technology.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Quick pay is giving you an amazing opportunity to earn from working as well as non working income.

Company is running on 100% decentralised concept, TRON block chain system where you can earn from non working income source.


TRON more information you can read in detail in above image.

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to invest in the Quick pay or become an associate with the company, joining amount is only 500 TRX.

business plan

Apart from this, if you want to join with more TRX, you can join with multiple of 500 or 1000 TRX.

3. Types of income

Quick Pay is providing you multiple types of income to earn from.

  • Daily ROI income
  • Booster income
  • Referral bonus
  • Level bonus
  • Top sponsor basket
  • Back up fund

1. Daily ROI income

Company is giving you 1% daily ROI up to 300% returns.

If your id gets inactive then also you will get 200% returns on your id.

quick pay daily roi

2. Booster income

If you want to take your daily ROI to 2% then you have to do direct sponsors of same package or higher package.

Remember you will get ROI only till 300% returns on your invested amount.

3. Referral Bonus

You will 5% direct referral income in this system. There is no limitation, you can do unlimited number of directs in the system.

quick pay referral bonus

4. Level bonus

From level 1 you will get level bonus of 30%, level 2 gives you bonus of 10% and similarly you will get 5% from level 6 to level 20.

quick pay level bonus

5. Top Sponsor Basket

In this basket, 2% from daily deposits will be taken out and put it inside top sponsor basket.

20% of this amount will be distributed amongst top 4 referrers.

Platinum will get 40%, Gold will get 30%, Silver will get 20% and Star will get 10%.

quick pay top sponsor basket

6. Back up fund

back up fund

Back up fund 10% is deducted for contract backup. It acts like a backup to smart contract for a bright future.

Stay tuned for more upcoming business plan.


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