pezo trade

Pezo trade is a new crypto currency trading platform where you can trade your crypto currencies and also this platform is launching it’s own coin which you can purchase.

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Platform is giving you multiple types of income to earn from such as ROI income, single leg income and many more.

Below you can see so called ” Company’s team ” , do you think it’s real or fake?

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

It’s vision is to give multiple earning opportunities to everyone. With multiple packages and types of income it is widely covering the written words in vision and mission.

Company wants to remove unemployment and empower the country’s support towards digital India.

pezo trade mission and vision

They want to help business grow with their experienced expert team.

A trade platform which is launching it’s own coin in the market whose expected price is 74 rs.

pezo trade  income

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join the company, here are the multiple packages available for you to join from.

Pezo trade is giving you opportunity to join from 500 rs and more 4 packages.

pezo trade business plan

3. Types of income

Pezo trade is giving you multiple types of income to earn from :

  • ROI income
  • Super ROI income

1. ROI income

Which ever package you join from, you will get 5% ROI for next 40 days which means in total you are getting 200% returns on your investment.

This income is against Indian direct selling guidelines which keep people safe from online scam and frauds. As the platform Pezo trade is not under government, it is giving this income but people should think 10 times before taking any decision.

Indian guidelines says any company which is giving more income then the investment they take in a non working way is completely non profitable, non calculable and may close shortly. Please be aware of such kind of scams.

roi income

After 40 days, this platform says you have to re top up your id to again start the same income for next 40 days. Re top up with the same amount you joined company with.

2. Super ROI income

If you take 500 rs joining packae, from level 1 you will get 3% returns everyday as super roi income.

It is a kind of level income in an ROI way. 2nd level will give you 1 % ROI.

super roi income

Similarly it is different for different packages whose complete information you can receive in this website [ Click here ]

super roi income conditions

Here are the conditions which you have to keep in mind in order to get this income.

4. Terms and conditions

Pezo trade is giving multiple stoppage on the income earning and percentage deduction from the pay out which you can read in terms and conditions.

It is most mandatory to read all the terms and conditions of the company as it stores all the hidden things in the business plan.

terms and condition

Hope you got to learn everything from Pezo trade, Stay tuned for more business plan reviews.


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