pamya health care

Pamya health care is a new network marketing company which is in the market with it’s amazing health care products. Company is having a binary plan with an amazing add on.

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Company is giving you an opportunity to earn from multiple types of income as well as ROI income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Pamya health care is launched in Indian market with a motive to build a health conscious society. They are working in Ayurveda and spreading as much awareness for it.

Let’s have a look towards company’s health care products.

pamya health care products

Above you can see company’s four prime products :

  • Tulsi drop
  • Moringa Capsule
  • Immunity Capsule
  • Horsepower Capsule

These product are having all the best benefits for your digestive and respiratory system. Fully Ayurveda products which is having no side effects ( claimed by company ). Use ate your own risk.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or situate your business with Pamya health care, Joining amount in the company is only INR 2500/-

pamya health care types of incomes

3. Types of income

Pamya health care is giving you opportunity to earn from six different types of income.

  • Star Matching bonus
  • Silver Matching bonus
  • Direct sponsor matching bonus
  • Pin commission bonus
  • Repurchase bonus
  • Bonanza

1. Star Matching Bonus

This is your matching income. Whenever you will accomplish a pair of 1:2 or 2:1 in the beginning, you will get INR 1000 rs as binary income.

After 1st pair, 1:1 is binary matching for unlimited depth.

Maximum you can earn 10,000 rs from the system on daily basis.

star matching bonus

2. Silver Matching Bonus

When you will complete your 10 pair, you will become silver.

Here in silver rank, you will get 500 rs per pair income. Matching will be based on 1:1 and capping will be 10 pair daily.

pamya health care silver matching bonus

3. Direct Sponsor Matching Bonus 100%

If your 10 direct sponsors achieve silver rank and starts touching capping on daily basis then from each sponsor you will get 100% bonus that is if he earns 4000rs you will also earn 4000rs.

Like this from 10 sponsors you can earn daily 40,000 rs which is weird.

direct sponsor matching bonus 100%

Once you achieve 25 pair, you will get gold rank. Everybody will celebrate your achievement in seminar and your photo will be published in the brouchers.

On completing 500 pairs, you will achieve diamond rank.

On achieving this rank, you will get couple Goa tour similar benefits just like above rank achievement.

4. Franchise income

Here if you purchase pins in bulk, 20 pins together then you will get 50rs extra on each pin.

4. Terms and conditions

Here are few terms of company which you must read in order to join the company or before start working in the company.


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