Onpassive is a company which is providing you an opportunity to earn massive amount.It is not an mlm company but an I.T giant which is giving huge returns to people working with it as founder members.

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They are providing you a life time opportunity to earn big income. It is an I.T company which is using A.I technology.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. How to earn?
  3. How to start a legal Company in India ?
  4. Best Software and digital services in India .

1. Overview

Onpassive is a I.T giant which is focussing to bring every concept of digital marketing and I.T field on the same ground.

In their ecosystem, they are working on these many concepts.

onpassive ecosystem

It is based on Latest A.I technology.

Company is in pre-launching stage.

2. How to earn?

Onpassive is providing exclusive opportunities to access founder zone and become one of the founder of the company.

onpassive benefits

By depositing 97$ ( INR 7,700 + 18% GST = INR 9086/- ) , you can become a founder member and have exclusive benefits.

But if you join this after the launching of the company, prize will increase to 149$ + 18% GST.

Monthly residual for life

onpassive income division

On the time of launching, you have to purchase company tools whose starting range is 25$ and goes upto 500$.

Q: What kind of tools ?

Company is releasing an upgraded version of ZOOM application named ConnectME.

ConnectME is a unique and upgraded video chat, seminar and meetings friendly application where you can connet with 10,000 people at the same time.

Best thing about this application is it has no time boundations and limits.

You will get your affiliate link and company will promote it for you.
( Digital and affiliate marketing )
Every joining which will come from the link will connect in your downline.

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Onpassive income distribution

On every level, every sponsors will be having 3 id’s under them and you will get the benefits for it.

These benefits gives a total of 10 thousand dollars after accomplishing Level 10.

onpassive 125 id benefits.

When your downline will have a total of 125 Id’s, Auto re-birth of 3 entries will be done in your downline which will give huge benefits to you and your downline.

This system is claiming to already have 1L + members in it amongst which 30k+ people already have 125+ team downline.

3. How to start a legal Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
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4. Best Software and digital services in India .

software demo.
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One thing Everyone should be focused on before starting a venture is to make the best possible software for his firm.

YAKS Group has been nominated for fastest growing startup and is going to be awarded very soon for its MLM quality software, 24*7 Support team, customers highly rated services.

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