omron business plan

Omron corporation is an old company which is running since 1933, having business in multiple countries of the globe proving great success.

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It is a robotic trading platform which is giving you an opportunity to earn daily ROI income on your investment in the company.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Omron corporation major business is manufacturing and sales of automated machines and tools. In below image you can read more about this corporation

omron abouts us

Omron is claiming to tie up with number of crypto currency exchanges which are all mentioned in below image.

crypto exchanges

Company have number of exchanges, with their automated robotic system they buy coins from one exchange in cheaper rates and sell them on another one with higher rates.

how to make an account in omron

By this process you can easily understand the whole process for investing and earning profit.

2. Business Plan

Omron is giving you 3 types of income to earn from.

  • Spot trade
  • Margin trade
  • Future trade
business plan

1. Spot trade

If you want to start with minimum trading amount, you can begin with 10$. Robo trade divident is giving you 0.75% of the investment everyday.

Capping on this investment will be 4 times the money you invested.

spot trade income in omron

Here trading fees is 7.50% and minimum trade period is 180 days.

2. Margin trade

Minimum trade amount in margin trade is 10$ only and trading divident which you are going to get from the system is 1%.

You can earn upto 4times at maximum of the investment amount.

Here trading fees is 10% and minimum trading period is 200 days.

3. Future trade

This package trade amount is also 10$ minimum. Trade divident is 1.5% everyday and maximum capping is 4 times.

Robo trade fees for this is 15%.

Minimum trade period is 250 days.

3. Terms and conditions

Here you can see how much divident you can earn till 9 levels and if you are thinking to join the company than you have to read and go through the terms and conditions of the company.

terms and conditions

Hope you got to learn everything about Omron business plan, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.


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