OMG is a unique multi level marketing company which is claiming to give you both, health and wealth. Also this company claims that they are giving you 100% cash back.

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You will get product on your investment which will be of amazing quality and you will get 100% cash back. In addition to this you will get 9 different types of income from the system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Obelion wellness marketing ( OMG ) says if there is health and wealth in your life than happiness will come with it. Company is providing you both.

omg introduction

OMG is having 12 years of experience and want to become leading direct selling company in high quality wellness products.

They are having multiple sources of income such as direct selling, forex trading, stock trading, social media marketing, tour travel, event management etc.

omg earning sources

OMG wants to give time and financial independence to people joining this company. They want to create benchmark in direct selling industry.

vision and mission

2. Legal documents

OMG is showing their all legal documents so there is no questions on legality of the company. People can join online from around the country.

legal documents
Certificate of Incorporation

Here is company’s certificate of incorporation that shows company is registered in Govt. of India, Ministry of corporate affairs.

PAN card
Official PAN Card

3. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with OMG, joining amount in the company is INR 1800.

Two more packages which company have, 5250rs and 25,000 rs respectively.

business plan



OMG Multivit and OMG detox are the two products which are in high demand and only two products company have right now.

omg multivit

This is company’s first product which is highly effective in building immunity in human body as well as having multiple more benefits.

omg detox

OMG detox is a herbal formulation which is claimed to be genuine and higher concentrated extracts.

4. Types of income

OMG is giving you an opportunity to earn from multiple types of income.

  • 100% Cash Back
  • Direct sponsor income
  • Level income
  • Beginners Bonus income
  • Matching income
  • Promotional income
  • Rank rewards income
  • Lifestyle income
  • Repurchase income
types of income

1. Direct income

If you sponsor a particular person in Entry pool, you will get 175rs as direct income. Sponsor in Big income pool will give you 260rs sponsor income.

You can do unlimited number of sponsors in the system, there is not capping limit.

direct income

2. Binary Matching income

OMG is giving you INR 500 binary matching income if you join from any of the package. If you join from first package, capping is of 1 pair.

If you join from Big income pool package, capping is of 20 pair per day.

omg binary matching income

3. Level income

Here OMG is giving you level income as well. From level 1 when 2 members will join the network, you will get 20 rs. Level 2 will give you 40 rs from 4 members and so on.

Till level 25 you will get level income which is ultimately a big amount.

omg level income

4. 100% Cash back income

After you activate your id, you will get cash back daily. 5% of company’s daily turnover will be distributed equally amongst all the members upto 100% to an individual.

omg cashback income

5. Repurchase ( Recurring ) income

This is a recurring income where 10% of your direct sponsors repurchase in the system will be shared with you.

Not only this, every time any of your associate upto 25 levels purchase something from the company, you will get 0.6% of the purchased amount.

omg repurchase income

6. Rank bonus income

Once you do 5 direct sponsor in the system, you will get Pearl Rank. When you achieve first rank, you will get 2.25% of company’s turnover upto 4 weeks.

Similarly when you do 10 direct sponsors, 1.75% of company’s turnover will be distributed upto 6 weeks.

omg rank bonus income

7. Rank reward income

On achieving specific number of pairs in the system, you will get a bonus and get a rank tag.

Example when you do 25 pairs, you will get 2500 rs as a bonus amount / rank income and you will get Star rank.

8. Lifestyle Royalty

Here the conditions which you need to fulfil if you want to take travel, car and house fund from the company.

5. Terms and conditions


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