NTL Multi Services

NTL Multi services Pvt Ltd is a new product based multi level marketing company which is providing you an opportunity to earn from multiple types of income.

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A legal product based system where you can work for long term. In addition with this, company is giving you daily ROI of INR 21 for 100 days.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Products
  4. Business Plan
  5. Types of income
  6. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

A legal product company which is bringing organics products in the market. You are getting platform to earn working as well as non working income.

NTL Multi services introduction

Company’s owner is Mr. Nitin tilekar who is having a good experience of mlm in the past.

Below you can see the image of the owner as well as the team working.

NTL Multi services owner

NTL Multi services is a company which does marketing of all types of Agriculture organic products and fertilisers.

In addition to this they are also marketing all types of fmcg products.

about us

It is going to be public limited company very soon .

Q. Why i should join NTL Group of company?

Below you can read all the benefits of the company which is mostly eco-friendly.

why to join?

2. NTL Multi Services Legal documents

Company is providing all of their legal documents so it is easy for everyone to join from around the world. There is no questions on legality of the company.

legalities of NTL Multi services

Above you can see PAN card, certificate of incorporation, Udyam certificate etc.

3. Products

Company’s first product is NTL Organic booster soil which helps to support the growth of plant. They are claiming to have a unique combination of organic plant inputs.

This helps build plant immunity and overall increases productivity of the land.

NTL Multi services product
NTL Multi services

Second product is Sarvaswa. It is a nutritional drink in with six different herbs and fruits are mixed. This is also 100% Vegetarian.

NTL Multi services 2nd product

Third product is Laundry protector and Floor protector. Made with 100% organic formulae with is 100% natural product.

4. Business Plan

If you are looking to join NTL Multi services Pvt Ltd or purchase the products for your use, Joining amount in the company is 1199/-

You will get daily 21 rs cashpoint income for next 100 days and then you have to re top-up in the company.

Company is giving you multiple opportunities to earn from the system.

5. Types of income

NTL Multi services is providing you various types of income to earn from.

  1. Level income
  2. Self income
  3. 21 level repurchase plan

1. Level income

Here when 10 person joins your level 1 you will get 2 rs from each member which will give you 20 rs daily income.

working plan

From level 2 when 100 person join the network, you will get daily income of 200 rs. Similarly till level 7 you will get a huge income from the company.

2. Self income

When you do 10 direct, your daily capping will be 10,000 rs. If you do a total of 20 directs than your capping limit will increase to 20,000 rs.

3. 21 Level Repurchase Plan

NTL Multiservice is giving you opportunity to earn from levels also. From level 1 to level you will earn 25 rs on every repurchase executed by your network.

Similarly from level 8 to level 15 you will get 14 rs and level 16 to level 21 members, you will get 7rs income from every repurchase.

Apart from this company is also giving all associates an opportunity to earn awards by their hard work on achieving some specific conditions.

6. Terms and conditions


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