Nominex is an old crypto currency exchange which is bringing their own exchange and own coin named as NMX coin. It is claiming to run ahead and more rapidly growing than Zebpay and other exchanges.

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It is not a company but a crypto currency exchange which is running since past 3 years. Prediction rates of their coin is 300$ to 500$ in coming years.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

There is no locking period in the exchange. You can withdraw your amount whenever you want from Binance smart chain.

nominex defi exchange

In many exchange, there is locking period. You being the owner of the currency don’t get a chance to withdraw it but here case is not the same.

If anyone don’t know what is decentralised system, here nobody owns the system or make changes in it. It runs on internet and governed by nobody. Runs on block chain technology.

what is defi

Company says it is going to carry on the mining process for next 72 years. There is no extra fees on it. No KYC is needed to enter in the system as well you can very easily pay from credit or debit card.

Nominex details

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or become an associate, you can join with multiple packages available in the system.

Nominex packages

Packages starts from 100$, 300$ and goes till max which is rated 10,000$

Here one major point which you need to note, every income you will get in NMX coin and lifetime. From first package, you will get 50$ worth NMX coin and 50$ will be sent to USDT.

Here you will get 10% growth on first package. Similarly on the other packages, you can check how much non working growth is expected in other packages.

3. Types of income

Nominex is giving you five different types of income to earn from.

  • Direct stacking reward
  • Bonus from team expenses.
  • Bonus from direct referral trading fees.
  • Extra profit to the team stacking reward 20%
  • Discount on trading fees upto 100%
Nominex types of income

All your income in different package is explained in terms of percentage in below image.

In partner package, you will get 5% direct stacking reward. Pro package gives you 8% stacking rewards and it keeps increasing if you go towards higher package amount.

2. Bonus from team expense

You will get 5% in partner package from team matching expense. Similarly from rest of the package, you will get different percentage of income.

4. Terms and conditions

Planning to join or invest your money in it, it is mandatory to go through the terms and conditions. Online investing is always full of risk, make sure investing is completely your decision. This is just a informative blog, we don’t suggest financial advices at all.

Hope you got to learn everything from Nominex business plan, stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.


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