MMM Spainix

MMM Spainix is a mlm company which is giving you daily returns on your investment. Here you have opportunity to earn from referral bonus, roi and level income.

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Not many companies comes with positive vision but those who do gives a lots of learning with earning. Here you can earn a huge profit from different income types.

Topics covered.

  1. Overview
  2. What is MMM Spainix?
  3. What is MAVRO?
  4. How to participate in this system?
  5. Types of income

1. Overview

MMM Spainix is a ancient mlm company whose owner started it with a saying that ” If you help anybody today, they will help you tomorrow “.

More than 250 Million participants were there in company and 500$ M fund was gathered by it.

Almost 1/3rd population of Russia indulged in the plan but afterwards Russian government abandoned it due to some issues.

MMM Spainix introduction

2. What is MMM Spainix?

Spainix is not a bank, not owned by any individual, no boss, no owner etc.

It is a fastest growing community of people in the world which comes together to help each other. This is a peer to peer system.

Block chain smart contract system is used as a medium to connect the dots and complete the process.

MMM Spainix complete details

Goals of MMM Spainix

Help all the people in the world. It focuses on creating a new fair financial relationship amongst people.


So this was company motive, vision and long term goals.

3. What is MAVRO?

MMM Spainix have a crypto coin named ” MAVRO “.

From whichever amount you enter in the system, it is seen that you get a 37% monthly growth rate on your investment!

what is MAVRO in MMM Spainix

4. How to participate in the system?

Here is the whole process for you to register in the company.

Step by step you have to go in below points and you will get yourself registered.

how to register

You can Get help from this system two times in a month, 16th day and 31st day. Direct sponsor income will be 0.5$ for the next 100 days!

Provide Help in MMM Spainix

what is provide help

You can invest your money here by clicking on pay help and deposit in multiple of $50. Minimum sum should be $50 and maximum upto $5000.

Get help in MMM Spainix

what is get help

This company is providing you minimum of 10$ in get help and maximum upto $8000. You have to withdraw in multiple of 10$.



16th day of your joining or activation, you can take get help from the system.

Withdrawal currency will be Bitcoin and a minimum of 10$. With 48 hours to 72 hours amount will be transferred to your wallet.

withdrawal process in MMM Spainix

Daily Growth rate ( 1.25% )

growth value

Often reffered as ROI which is daily implementing on your investment here is 1.25%.

Amount you will invest here in this system is having a huge probability of increasing by 1.25% on daily basis.

Monthy it comes to a total of 37% returns as we discussed above.

5. Types of income

Here you are getting 4 different types of income.

1. Direct sponsor income

MMM Spainix is providing you 0.50$ for the next 100 days from the day you join the system.

2. Manager Bonus

manager bonus

When you will successfully do 10 directs in the system, you will start getting manager bonus.

From level 1st you will get 6%, level 2 will provide 3% and so on upto level 18th where you will get 0.25%.



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