mmm spainix

MMM Spainix is a new network marketing company which is claiming to be introducing their unique concept in India.

Company is giving you an opportunity to earn from daily ROI. With the facility of Provide help and Get help you will earn very good income from the company.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

MMM is a community which already have many records and still are making new ones everyday.

Almost 1/3rd population of Russia have already joined this company and many more are going to.

MMM Spainix introduction

Their main belief is if you help people today, then someday somewhere somebody will definitely help you.

It is a global community of financial aid and donation exchange. It is a network which connects the one who wants to donate money with the one who wants to get money.

know about them

Now the biggest question to all the newcomers comes after reading the follow information.

It is not a back, central account, not a company, no boss, no office space , no legal entity, no business , no investment nor enterprise.

information about MMM Spainix

Q. What is MMM?

It is a community where common people help each other. Fastest growing community in the world.

goals of the company

If you want to know MMM Spainix long term goals, you can see the above image where it shows company wants to help people around the world.

They want to spread the money among people so that they gain financial freedom.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with MMM Spainix, you need to perform provide help.

You can do a minimum help of $25 and maximum of $5000 and it should be in multiple of $50.

provide help

3. Types of income

Company is providing you an opportunity to earn from multiple sources of income.

1. Referral bonus

MMM Spainix is having no condition that you have to invite a person otherwise your id will be inactive. If you want to and you do, you will get 10% referral commission on his joining.

You can infinite number of directs in the system and earn from each joining.

MMM Spainix referral bonus

2. Growth Value

This is a completely non working income which company is providing you. MMM Spainix is giving you 1.25% daily return on your investment.

Growth value

3. Task bonus

Here you will get an additional benefit of 3$ of the sum of help you provide, if you promote company on you tube with facial video.

Similarly you will get 2% of the sum of the help you provide if you promote it on face book.

MMM Spainix task bonus

4. Direct bonus

MMM Spainix is providing you direct bonus of 0.5% upto 100 days.

direct bonus

5. Get Help

If you want to get your money back, you can click on get help and get minimum sum of 10$ and maximum 10,000$ in multiple of 10$.

get help

4. Terms and condition

terms and condition


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