yaks single leg plan.

Multi-level marketing strategy includes number of plans to work with.
Uni-level is one of the most preferred,profitable and easy to understand plan for your mlm company.

Topics covered.

  1. Uni-level plan in mlm.
  2. How Uni-level plan works?
  3. What is Re-birth or Re-joining in Single leg MLM plan?
  4. Type of income in MLM Uni-level Plan.
  5. Demo software of MLM Uni-level Plan .

1. Uni-level Plan in mlm.

  • Multi-level marketing companies prefer Uni-level plan because of its simplicity.
    For company owners as well as distributors.
  • This plan in mlm has unlimited width. An associate can add as many sponsors as he want.

    Sky is the limit.
  • Every time an associate joins a sponsor, he earns the equivalent benefits provided by the company.
  • This plan is very easy to understand for a sponsor, which helps distributor widens the network easily.

    Why YAKS Group?

  • Company‘s age is based on lot of factors which if not handled perfectly in the beginning, may raise a lots of issues.
  • YAKS has been the No.1 Trusted Mlm service provider since 6years.
  • Experience of developing software and providing products to over 1000 companies.
  • Customers Choice makes it the Best and trusted company.

2. How Uni-level plan works?

  • As the name suggests, this plan contains single level in down line.
  • An associate can add as many members he wants in width, which will help him grow exponentially.
    There is no limitation.
  • It basically supports first come first serve. Associate who joins first, definitely gets more benefit.
  • Associate growth will be simultaneous to the company’s growth.
  • Profits are mostly shared among all the members.
  • In today’s world, people are hungry for less work more money, this plan comes in one of the easiest to understand and work in.
    Due to this many companies have chosen this and succeeded in their business.

3. What is Re-birth or Re-joining in Single MLM plan?

  • This plan has this feature where an associate can go for re-birth after achieving a certain level.
  • They can earn same amount of the re-birth or re-joining id, which is created by the same details.
  • It is insanely profitable and a plus point in Uni-level plan.

4. Type of income in MLM Uni-level Plan.

  • Sponsor/Direct Income : Amount of income fixed on joining a new associate under you in the network is known as Direct income/ Sponsor income.

    It can be percentage of the joining package or a flat amount of joining package.
  • Level/Member completion Income : Company decides at which depth levels will be accomplished.
    Example if Level 1 is completed on adding 30 sponsors, a level completion income will be provided to the associate.
  • Reward Income : On achieving a certain level, company provided various benefits to the associate such as car downpayment, mobile, home etc..
  • Royalty Income : Royalty income most common way is sharing percentage turn over of company with the person if he/she achieve certain level.
    MLM company’s stare 1% to 10% as Royalty income for sponsor.

5. Demo software of MLM Uni-level Plan .

software demo.
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One thing Everyone should be focused on before starting a venture is to make the best possible software for his firm.

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