In this Blog, you are going to have a tour to the customer’s chosen, Highest trusted before and after MLM Software and service provider.

Here, we will list all the details about the quality of company’s software and unique features.

Topics Covered.

  1. Why YAKS Group.
  2. Business Plan for MLM Company.
  3. Software features for your MLM Company.
  4. How to get software demo or Contact further.
  5. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
  6. Promote your business online with the leading tech giant from India.

1. Why YAKS Group.

First and foremost, very crucial question. Why ? Right.

A networker goes through lots of struggle, hard work, sleepless nights and 24*7 critics by people during presentation.

When a networker like you, takes a decision to open a venture, an organisation, a company by investing large stack of career earnings, he definitely wants the best software and products for his company.

Yes right?

How can you decide which company to trust on?

  • May be the behaviour of past clients ? [ Click here ]
  • 1 Lakh+ Subscriber Youtube Channel suggesting you? [ Click here ]
  • Company should take a step forward and help you in every single aspect of your decision.
    Like :
    – Help you with all legal documents. [ Click here ]
    – Give you roadmap of entire process. [ Click here ]
    – Complete details about different business plans available for you.
    [ Click here ]
    – Explain you complete software details and working. [ Click here ]
    – Teach you how to get leads from social media. [ Click here ]
    ( Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whats App ..Etc. )
    – And ofcourse, hide nothing from you. [ Click here ]

In the Above links you will get everything you need to build a successful MLM Company.

2. Business Plan for MLM Company.

business plan for your mlm software.
Help complete your business plan.

Read the complete Blog to get help for :

How to design Business plan for your MLM Company?. [ Click here ]

How much investment is needed to start your own MLM Company?

Now, Let us move towards features inside the software.

3. Software features for your MLM Company.

Some highlighted features which you should go through once.

  • Accurate Calculations.
  • Complete Admin Panel.
  • E-Wallet or Virtual Wallet System.
  • Join Using E-Pin or Net Banking etc.
  • Welcome Latter, Invoice etc.
  • Unlimited Joining.
  • Database Backup System.
  • Member to Admin Messaging Option.
  • Member Photo Upload Option.
  • Bank Transfer Request.
  • Customer Feedback Access Module.
  • Unlimited Product Addition.

Video presentation of Software demo.

Yes. What you all were looking for.
Complete video explanation of software demo.

Episode : 1

In the above video i hope you understood all the concepts in the software.

Here is the second episode explaining remaining features in the software.

Episode : 2

So this was the completely FREE Video tutorial of all the features provided by the company for your software.

How to get the demo and Contact ?
[ Drop your contact, Bottom right side in website ]

4. How to get software demo or Contact further.

You can E-mail the requirements : anshul@theyaksgroup.com

Contact : 9870763481 ( Whatsapp / Call )

Simply drop your Contact details below ( bottom right box in website )

5. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
Click here to Read this blog.

6. Promote your business online with the leading tech giant from India.

Hope you got all the necessary details, if you have any query kindly Contact the number given above.

Make sure you drop a comment, reviews or any suggestion for next Blog.


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