Multi-level marketing which is popularly known as network marketing is an ultimate marketing strategy for selling products, goods and services introduced by any mlm company.
What is mlm?
It is a direct selling method which uses a network of people to sell a product.The overall revenue of any MLM company depends on the non-salaried individual working in the network for the sake of knowledge, communication skills and types of commission income provided by the company on each sale performed.

Q – How it completely changed the marketing perspective of the upcoming companies?
Ans – This marketing strategy completely outplayed traditional marketing in which sales force have to go door door to sell a product whereas in network marketing any individual can enrol in the networking community for selling the product.
Few important points to ponder about in favour of mlm strategy were
i) Saves a lot of time for the company and the person to grow individually.
ii) Easy for company to display the product to a broader community.
iii) Different types of income helps an individual to earn much more than any normal co-operate job.
iv) On the major side, this strategy saves a plentiful money since the workforce is non-paid individuals who’ll only earn on commission basis.

Q – Why so many people have negative mentality for network marketing?
Ans – The old phrase “Coin has always two faces”.
1) Positive side : No doubts, network marketing is the best marketing strategy not only for companies whose major revenue comes from it but for every individual who enrols in it’s network,Although keeping in mind certain points which you’ll find in the “Will network marketing really help me achieve my dream?”.

2) Negative side : This marketing strategy being one of the best concepts in the world but people have opinions and they are smart.Back then as we all know about it’s perks, a major con for the industry came out, which was the same reason network marketing was awesomely better than traditional marketing, The individual itself.

The Scams/Frauds :
People more often started taking it’s disadvantage by not giving the amount to the company,not supplying product to the down line,etc. There are enormous amount of people who have been scammed by countless network marketing companies.Before the laws got stricten, it became a trend to open a mlm company, introduce the schemes in different places of country,take entry tokens from thousands without supplying the product or service and chicken out.
Although now it’s not the same as government has made many strict rules and punishments for the fraud and defaulters.

  • False Belief about mlm.
    – The biggest mistake people make in mlm industry.Many fraudsters and scammers uses as their first line to begin with.Yes,it’s about getting rich but never too early.
    People misbeleive or deliberately being falsely trapped in this thinking that they will be rich in less time.No,you won’t.Nobody has ever been rich legally overnight in mlm industry.
    mlm industry makes an individual a good business and many times a pure bread entrepreneur.You have to learn,apply and live with:
    i) Kindness
    ii) Hard-work no matter what.
    iii) Smart work with right values.
    iv) Always obey up line.
    v) Respect mentors and follow whatever they teach.
    vi) Learn as much from your mentors.
    vii) Strong mindset.(Mandatory for Indians.)
    Viii) Positive attitude.
    ix) Perseverance.
    x) Giving without expectations.
    xi) Positivity , Optimism.
    xii) A dream, A Vision, A Goal, A motive, A FIRE.!
    xiii) Problem Solving nature.
    And many more massively positive values which you’ll learn in mlm industry.
  • Amazing Perks of MLM
    – No doubts , mlm has been among the most profitable business existed in history of mankind. Looking at the positive sides mlm is an open book to learn from.
    i) Joining a legal company gives you a chance to work under certain circumstances. This experience will enhance your communication skills.
    ii) New environment, meeting new people everyday overall helps personal development.
    iii)You find these amazing skilled people whom you make mentors.Lots of learning which is the best gift for students.
    iv)To explore a broad variety of career options in front.It makes an individual mature enough to take life decisions.
    v)Full-time working with dedication,patience,hard-work,strong mindset and right mentor would definitely make one good amount of money.

Never Join.
These two words should be implemented wherever necessary.
Read the below points to find out:
i) If company’s only vision is money and not the true values.Not the perspective to help mankind.Not a vision to think about others before our-self. Then…
ii) Whichever mlm company you decide to work with, use the product first.If its actually good then only go forward otherwise you can never positively sell something you dont like.

Company’s product,associates and the vision they want you to see.Only if you agrees with all of them its the best platform for you to begin with as a beginner. But if any one of the above drives low on the graph, do not even bother to think about it. It’d be a bad decision.

People actually make decisions,and if doesn’t succeed, Learn from it and tell the others not to do it.
I want you to inhale,absorb and focus on correct data, Make your decisions by yourself.

Q- Which was the first Indian Company to officially introduce network marketing scheme in India?
Ans – Modicare is the first Indian company to bring MLM Concept in year 1996. It was founded by Mr.Samir Modi and a part of Modi Enterprises, an Indian business conglomerate based in New delhi,India.They have strong workforce of more than 28 thousand individuals. Gujarmal Modi , founded the Modi Group.



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