lead generation in fb.

Biggest dilemma in this decade of multi-level marketing industry is how can we generate MLM leads from Facebook.

Most of the top achievers are using this strategy for years to get minimum 30 leads per week from Facebook.

Well now, we are going to display a very effective and easiest method which is being used by Multi-millionaire direct selling companies and pearl platinum leaders to get MLM leads from Facebook.

Topics covered.

  1. Why Facebook?
  2. Facebook adds worth it?
  3. Where to Start from?
  4. What to do to get 30 leads per week?
  5. How not to get banned for spamming in Facebook?
  6. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
  7. Promote your business online with the leading tech giant from India.

1. Why Facebook?

We can ignore and deny everything until the data and figure proves it correct.

Facebook is one of the topmost used application over the world.

With an approximate 2.41 Billion monthly and 1.59 Billion daily active users Facebook is one of the biggest and free platform for marketing, lead generation and business promotion.

2. Facebook adds worth it?

Worth it?

I must say the best source for your business.

If we look up to the statistics, 28% of the users make purchase from Facebook Adds.

57% of the users say Facebook Adds influence their shopping.
Pretty huge amount of visitors in millions.

Facebook Adds + Funnels gives the highest sales for any business.

All you need to do is Learn the Strategy for Facebook Adds and how to attain maximum profits from it.

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3. Where to Start from?

Step : 1

Make a Professional Network Marketing Account on Facebook.

Step : 2

  • Share your achievements
  • Down-line happy moments
  • Your memories in network marketing
  • Dreams you fulfilled or looking to in future
  • Change in thought process towards network marketing in the beginning and now
  • Change in mindset and most important learning.

Step : 3

  • Interact with your niche i.e., networker from around the globe or people who gets motivated from your content or may get some positive vibes.
  • Daily interact, comment, like and share their posts which may fell them good about their life. Add more contacts like this, Everyday.

Always be prospecting

~ jordan belfort ( Top salesman in the world )

Step : 4

Once you uploaded enough catchy and valuable posts and information about your business, there is next step.

Moving to MLM Groups!.

Go in Groups option in your Facebook profile and type “mlm” in the searchbox.
There are thousands of MLM group and most of which are very interactive and user-friendly.

How to join groups to generate MLM leads from facebook.
How to join MLM Groups.


Facebook being the most used is also most advanced. Be aware don’t repeat same activities many times.

I suggest join 5 new groups daily, post, analyse. If the response is poor in posts, give it a break, focus more on groups with higher response.

4. What to do to get 30 leads per week?

Only 30?

I can assure you if you have read above details thoroughly,
People in Facebook interested for your business are million times more then hours you have in a day. You can generate thousands of MLM leads from Facebook

You have to overcome Many ‘No’s’ to get a yes but one day that ‘Yes’ will pay for your lifestyle.
Now it’s your decision how many ‘Yes’ will get you satisfied.

5. How not to get banned for spamming in Facebook?

Facebook is very strict towards spamming now.
Follow Below points to not get banned :

  • I suggest don’t join more than 5-8 groups in a day.
  • Post your content in 4 groups alternatively. ( different days. )
  • Behave genuinely in groups, do not like too much content neither comment on many.
  • Don’t spam your posts again and again. Post once, wait and analyse the response. Interact with them who respond.
  • Make your content filled with positive and genuine hype.
    Something for which people will stop scrolling and read the highlights to step into your business.
  • Don’t spread negativity, fake hype, illogical, illegal or hate image which could hurt someone’s spirituality, feelings or emotions.

Don’t show presentation in invitation. Make a hype, limit the opportunities and display an invitiation.

6. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
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7. Promote your business online with the leading tech giant from India.

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