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Minakshi Jaguar is launched recently in 2020 which is giving fastest single leg auto pool income. It is providing working as well as non working income, which is highlighting this plan.

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This plan reviews are positive everywhere and completely legal system which is giving opportunity to millions of people in India.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Company income proof
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and condition
  6. Watch complete video explanation.
  7. MLM Legal document in India.
  8. Quality MLM Software.

1. Overview

Single leg plans are favoured and emphasised more over any other business plans in this 2020 COVID-19 lock down.

But as we all know, any market will overrun quality when retailer quantity is increased to save their business or become better than others.


Minakshi jaguar launching a single leg plan, 100% legal,unique and authentic which is never seen before in Indian market.

A multi level marketing business plan with fast single leg auto pool income.

2. Company income proof.

Minakshi Jaguar income proof

Here are some screenshots of people earning good amount of income by their efforts and hustle in Minaxi Jaguar.

3. Business plan

Minakshi Jaguar is working on single leg auto pool plan with company autofill.

These plans are fastest running plans in direct selling industry. After your joining every member comes below you, either sponsored by you or any other associate of the company.

This concept is known as company autofill format. This explains everything about non working income.

Minakshi Jaguar single leg plan

To visit Minakshi Jaguar official website. [ Click here ]

Joining amount

Minakshi jaguar joining amount is INR 599/- Only.

4. Types of income

Here you are getting three types of incomes.

Minakshi Jaguar types of incomes
  • Direct Income
  • Auto Poll Income
  • Reward Income

1. Direct Income

Minakshi Jaguar is having Direct sponsor income of INR 100/-.

direct income

Your every sponsor commission will be INR 100, this gives you an opportunity to earn as much as you can just by sponsoring others in the network.

2. Matrix Auto pool income

This is single leg auto pool income where after your joining every sponsor which will join this company will come in your down line.

matrix auto pool

They will give you an in direct income which acts as a non working auto pool income.

Here is a 5/10 Matrix.

At level 1 you need to be at STAR designation, per member you will be given INR 40. This gives you a total income of INR 200.

Like this you can earn 12 Cr. + amount if you work long term with this venture.

3. Reward Income

Minakshi Jaguar is giving you certain valuable and essential gifts on successfully achieving your targets.

Minakshi Jaguar rewards

5. Terms and condition

Minimum payout here will be INR 500/-

Minakshi Jaguar t and c

All the information about payment withdrawal is given in above picture.

6. Watch complete video explanation.

7. MLM Legal document in India.

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
Click here to Read this blog.

8. Quality MLM Software.

software demo.
Click here to software demo.



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