lion share pro

Lion Share Pro is an upgraded business plan where company is going to launch a new business plan with working as well as non working income.

Company is also going to launch it’s ICO where value of 1 Token = $1.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Lion Share Pro is a new multi level marketing concept which is launched on 26th Dec so you have a very good opportunity to take the early bird benefits.

lion share pro mlm

Now the question comes :

Q. What is Lion Share Pro ? TRON Concept?

It is a Block chain smart contract which is TRON based and it is 100% decentralised system. Nobody can make any changes in the system.

lion share pro introduction

Above image will give you all the details about TRON crypto currency concept. They are claiming to 10X or 20X your investment in this company in the next 2 years.

Question is will they be able to survive that long.

lion token

Lion Share Pro is going to launch their own Lion Token whose value will be equivalent to US$ 1. It will run on TRC20 Tron block chain.

Q. What about total supply of the token?

Here 100 Million token will be supplied amongst :

  1. 90% will be distributed in the community.
  2. 10% will be maintained to stabilize the dollarization.
100 m total supply

Q. Why to join LION Share Pro ?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join this company or associate your business with LION Share Pro tron concept.

reasons to join lion share pro

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join the company or associate your business with LION Share Pro, Minimum investment amount in the company is 100 TRX.

business plan

Learning the Joining and Retopup concept in Lion Share Pro.

Here you can join with minimum of 100 TRX and maximum of 1,00,000 TRX.

Once you earn 310% return on your investment, you have to retopup your id with atleast your previous investment or maximum investment below 3,00,000 TRX.

Similarly the process continues upto 20,00,000 TRX.

3. Types of income

LION Share Pro is providing you with multiple types of income.

  1. Recurring Payment ( 1%)
  2. Direct Commission ( 10% )
  3. Unilevel 1% distribution
  4. Daily Top Pool

1. Recurring Payment ( 1%)

From the day of your joining you will receive 1 % income daily for the next 310 days.
Once you get past this income, you have to re topup your id with the mentioned investment to continue earning from the system.

Great opportunity to earn non working income with out any conditions or referral.

lion share pro Recurring payment

2. Direct Commission

LION Share pro is providing you 10% as direct sponsor income on sponsoring every member in the system.

Whichever TRON amount your sponsor will join with, you will get 10% flat benefits on that.

direct commission

3. Unilevel 1% distribution

Whenever your team member will withdraw amount from the system, you will earn money from that. Yes!

Every time your down line till 15 levels will withdraw their 1% ROI income, you will get a certain percentage from that amount.

lion share pro unilevel distribution

From level 1 you will get 40%, level 2 gives you 20% and similarly till 15 levels where you get 5% income.

4. Daily Top Pool

Company separates 3% of the total income which comes daily and add in daily top pool .

Now this amount is distributed amongst 4 people in certain percentage. Associate who brings maximum direct sponsor in that day will get 40% of the stack and according to the figures, remaining three will be distributed.

They say you have the opportunity … Now you have to go to and study about LION SHARE genuinity.

Stay tuned for more upcoming business plans.


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