life long

Life long is bringing a lifetime opportunity for every individual to earn massive amount in this lockdown. A company which is not only giving non working income but spreading positive values in people.

In this company you can earn level income upto 1612 Cr. Here your upline can also fill up members in your downline.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business plan

1. Overview

It is claiming to be 100% genuine system which you providing a magical earning opportunity to everyone.

Life long intro

Company is showing all the legal documents so everybody can see and have a clear perspective about the venture.

2. Legal documents

Lifelong has made it easy and available for everyone to go through.

iso certificate

Here is TQV ISO certificate followed by company’s GST number.

registration certificate

And then comes the certificate of incorporation which shows company is certified by Govt. of India, ministry of corporate affairs.

Life long certificate of incorporation

3. Business Plan

If you are looking to join the company or associate your business with them, it’s joining amount is INR 1770/-

business plan

4. Types of income

Life long is providing you types of income.

  • Direct income
  • Level income

1. Direct income

Life long direct income

Here you get INR 100 on all directs sponsors. It means you can do unlimited number of sponsors in the system and on each direct sponsor you will get 100 rs commission.

2. Level income

level income

In the similar manner, you will earn level income from different levels.

level income

From level 1 to level 5 you get 25 rs per person, similarly from level 6 to level 10 you get 20 rs per person and so on till level 30 where you get 0.5 rs per person.

In total from level income itself you can earn more than 1,000 Cr.+ income.

3. Magical Rank income

magical rank income

Here when 26 people join your right and 26 people joins your left, you start geting magical rank income. You will be given 200 rs every day for next 30 days.

In total from Star rank you will earn INR 6,000/-

magical rank income

When you have 3 star rank achievers in left leg and 2 star rank achievers in right leg, you get 500 rs per day for next 60 days. This goes upto president rank where you will get 1Cr.+ income.

4. Cash reward income

cash reward income

On Rank star life long will give you 2000 rs Cash, similarly on Silver rank you will get 5000 rs cash reward and so on upto president where you will get 1Cr. cash reward.

5. Magical Round income

magical round income

Here when you become eligible for Magical round income, you will income in the form of 3by3 matrix.

life long magical round

It is a fully non working income where from first level you will get 20 rs, from second level you get 40 rs and so on.

6. Star VIP Round income

life long star VIP round  income

Thank you for going through the whole business plan, Stay tuned for upcoming exciting business plans.


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