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Life is good is a legal direct selling company which is currently ranked 44 on Government approved direct selling companies list.

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Life is good about us

Company is having very less joining amount so any individual who wants to hustle can join this business.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Life is good is a direct selling company which incorporated in 19th January 2015.

Life is good welcome letter

Their vision is to fulfil your dreams. They want to make India a developed nation.

2. Business Plan

Life is good is giving unique healthy products with number of benefits.

Life is good business plan

Company’s first product is LIG Power Tulsi which is costing you INR 224 including GST.

Lig Power tulsi benefits

In Above image you can see the benefits of LIG Power Tulsi.
Company’s second product is LIG Max Ben which is Softgelatin Capsules.

These Capsules are 100% healthy as claimed by the company and benefits of this product are listed in below image.

Lig Max Ben benefits

It will cost you INR 236 including GST.

3. Types of income

Life is good is providing you many types of income.

Life is good types of income

1. Level Referral Income

Company is giving you level referral income till 12 levels.

level referral income

You just have to bring 10 people in the system, by each person you will get 50 rs which makes a total income of 500 rs.

From level 2, when your 10 direct sponsors does their 10 directs you will earn 2500 rs in total. Similarly you can see on level 6 you can earn 1Cr+ income.

2. Daily Auto Rep Income

Life is good auto rep income

Here this income will give you lifetime benefits from your team. Your daily payout amount 20% will be deducted, amongst which 5% will go in daily auto repurchase income.

When this income touches 300 mark then you can purchase any of the two products from this income.
After you repurchase you will be eligible to take 1 rs from level 1 to level 6 but only from those members who achieved repurchase condition.

Rs 1 income will come till 30 days.

Similarly number of repurchase makes you eligible for more levels of income from your downline.

3. Auto level income

Life is good auto level income

If you do 10 directs within 10 days of joining then you will be eligible to take auto level income.

This is completely non working income, as soon as the matrix fills you will earn this income.

  • Auto Silver Level
  • 2. Auto Gold level
  • 3. Auto diamond level

4. Rewards

Life is good reward income

Life is good is providing special gifts and rewards to those who achieve these specific conditions of members in team.

Above shown is a beginning of team income.

5. Team affiliated income ( Monthly upto 12 levels )

Here by performing the tasks, you will get 5% of the income from team which makes total income of 250 at level 1, level 2 gives you 2500 and similarly upto level 6 where you can earn more than 2.5Cr.+ income.

6. 1% Self recharge commission

Whenever you will recharge from company’s recharge portal you will get 1 % self recharge commission.
If the same act is performed by your team, you will benefits from them also upto 12 levels.

7. Auto top up package after completion 2nd level

Here Auto top up is done when you complete 2nd level.

When Auto topup after 2nd level is done, you will be eligible to earn from add on 4 types of income.

Incomes After Top-up

Life is good is giving you opportunity to earn from 4 different types of income after re top up.

1. Binary Compensation Plan

Life is good is giving you direct sponsor income of INR 50, pair matching income of INR 25.

Here first pair will be of 1:2 or 2:1 and remaining all the pairs will be 1:1.

2. Daily Sponsor Binary Income

You will earn sponsor binary income from your downline. Whenever your direct sponsor does any matching, you will get % from his income.

This income is also valid till 12 levels.

3. Rewards

4. Level Repurchase income

Whenever repurchase happens in your network, you will get this level repurchase income till 12 levels.

5. Repurchase Differentiate income

Here based on your repurchase and business volume, you will earn income.

6. Director Royalty Income

When any of your 4 direct sponsors reach at 40% repurchase, you become eligible for director royalty income.

You will get 5% director royalty income on your teams repurchase.

7. Funds upto 18%

Life is good will give you multiple kind of funds for your better lifestyle.

8. 5% CTO Royalty

When any four of your direct sponsors achieve gold fund, you become eligible for 5% CTO royalty that is company turnover royalty fund.


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