Leos way.

A unique multi-level marketing company named Leos Way is working in mlm industry.

It is unique due to its combination of product with auto pool income. Yes!

Working as well as non- working income.

Topics covered.

  1. Leos Way Business Plan.
  2. Types of incomes in Leos Way.
  3. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
  4. Best Software and Mlm services in India .

1. Leos Way Business Plan.

It is a direct selling company which is situated in India.

It’s working and business plan is based on an addition with Auto pool income.

Is Leos Way a Scam?

No, Leos Way is working in an absolute legal manner.

It’s head office is situated in Vasai, Maharastra.

Leos Way MLM Products?

Mix Berry Cite Juice which is marketed as an immune efficient product.
Helps improve your immune system which will overall protect you from various disease and viruses.

Leos Way Mix Berry Cite Juice.

This year, 2020 has been infected a bit by a virus named corona which is said to catch people with low immune system.

This has been a plus point for marketing this product since it improves your immune system and helps you stay safe.

Leos Way product.

It has various benefits which are listed below :

  • Helps improve immune system.
  • Helps in weight management.
  • Have anti – aging qualities. Including skin, eyes, heart, tissue, joints etc.
  • Glows skin.
  • Support detoxification.
  • Longer life span.

Leos Way Joining package free ?

No, if you want to work as a networker there are package amount of 3499/- Rupees.

Otherwise, joining registration amount is absolutely free.

2. Types of Income in Leos Way.

Level Income.

Leos Way provides it’s first income in the form of level income.

It starts from level 1 and reaches upto level 15.

Level wise income distribution.

Auto pool income.

Company provides 5 types of Auto pool income.

Associate is eligible for first type of auto pool income just after activating their id.

  • Earth fund.
  • Neptune fund.
  • Uranus fund.
  • Saturn fund.
  • Jupiter fund.

Earth fund.

It's earth fund.
Earth fund

Neptune Fund.

Leos way neptune fund.
Neptune fund.

Uranus fund.

Leos way uranus fund.
Uranus fund.

Saturn fund.

Saturn fund.

Jupiter fund.

Leos way jupiter fund.
Jupiter fund.

Star club bonus.

Star club bonus.

3. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
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4. Best Software and Mlm services in India .

software demo.
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