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Just in tron is a cryptocurrency based plan which is coming with a huge opportunity for you to earn lakhs of TRON. A company with auto pool based cryptocurrency plan so you can earn from non working income.

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It is going to launch today on 18th September 2020, you have great opportunity to earn massive amount from this system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

Just in tron is a 100% decentralised system which is running on a smart contract.
Yes, the one which can not be closed y any community or any individual.

Just in tron welcome page

Q. What is decentralised?

Decentralized marketing is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability.

Smart contracts, like cryptocurrencies are decentralised. They work strictly according to the underlying program.

There is no human being interference in this system. Even the person who introduced this system can not change it or close it.

Q. Does Blockchain concepts can ever demolish ?

Blockchain concepts can not be closed since they run on internet, till the internet collapses their business plan goes on.

Just in tron smart contract

TRON’s transaction per second handling is too high comparative to Bitcoin or Ethereum. It handles 2000 transactions per second.

2. Business plan

Let’s discuss about the business plan now.

joining amount

If you want to associate with the company, you can activate your id with 250 TRX. TRX is the trading currency of TRON.

3. Types of income

Just in tron is providing you many types of income to earn from this opportunity.

  • Direct income
  • Level income
  • Autopool income

1. Direct income

types of income in Just in tron

Yes! Just in TRON is providing you 60% direct commission on your sponsors joining in the network.

2. Level income

direct income in Just in tron

You will get 60% from level 1 as we already discussed about direct commission and from level 2 to level 21st you will get 2% commission.

That means for 21 levels you will get level income from your sponsors and downline.

You can do unlimited number of directs in the system which gives you an open gate to earn as much you want.

Pool entry value

pool entry value

If you want to take entry in the first pool, you have to upgrade your id by 500 TRX, for second pool 1000 TRX, for third pool 2000 TRX and so on till tenth pool that is 1,00,000 TRX.

3. Auto pool income

auto pool income

When you will earn 3 times your upgrade amount in this pool, then you have to re top up your id in the next pool.

Example if you join the system with 1000 TRX, then after you earn 3000 TRX you have to re topup your id to next pool.

Similarly for the remaining pools till 10th pool.

Pool Entry value and earnings chart

pool entry value 2

You can see here in each pool how much you will earn and how much will be the profit. You have to re topup your id each time you earn 3times pool upgrade in that pool.

25% of the amount is deducted for redistribution.

Q. What is redistribution?

  • 5% of redistribution income is distributed equally amongst last 50 members which entered the pool in the system.
  • From remaining 20%, 5% will be equally distributed amongst last 50 members which took entry in the system with 250 TRX.
  • 15% left from which 7% will be directly given to the upline.
  • Remaining percent will be distributed in the levels.

This is how 25% redistribution income is distributed in the system.

Q. How non working slots work?

Just in tron non working slots

When 3 associate comes in the network you completes your pool 1 where you earn 1125 TRX. Per person you will earn 375 TRX.

Similarly when you upgrade to pool 2, you earn 2250 TRX and so on till 10th pool where you earn 2,25,000 TRX.


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