JAA Lifestyle

JAA Lifestyle is a mlm company which is providing you a massive opportunity to earn and learn in this lockdown. A Phase where most of the companies are cutting salaries, this company is providing you an income source.

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If you just watch advertisements everyday you can earn upto INR 230 from it. That’s it, that’s how you earn such big income!

Company is in pre-launching stage and if you join the venture in this duration you will get company shares worth INR 200.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

JAA Lifestyle is here with world’s biggest advertising platform which will help your business grow.

JAA Lifestyle ads money

As we discussed earlier, the offer which company have announced is if you are able to join the venture before 19th October, you will get 200 EUROS worth of future shares.

JAA Lifestyle offer

Here JAA Lifestyle will be providing three different types of income.

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join this company or associate your business with JAA Lifestyle, you can activate your id with 10 EUROS. ( ~1000 Rs. )

business plan

3. Types of income

JAA Lifestyle is providing you three different types of income.

JAA Lifestyle types of income

1. Free Future Shares Programme

future share income

This Offer is valid till 19th October. We already saw this above, were if you join company before the given date you will be given bigger, better benefits and handsome future shares of the company.

2. Free Advertising Bonus Programme

daily ads income

Here you can watch daily advertisements and earn INR 60 daily. You just have to join the venture and watch daily advertisements to earn income.

JAA Lifestyle 230 rs daily roi

If you want to earn 230 Rs daily, you have to watch minimum of 60 ads daily and you can make it happen. This gives you assurance to earn INR 6,900 daily.

income plan

More number of directs increases your potential to earn from the system.

If you sponsor 10 members in the company and they all earn INR 230, you will also earn the same amount from the company in addition.

3. Subscription level income

JAA Lifestyle subscription level income

Here this income goes till 7 levels and if you accomplish all of it, you can earn more than 340 Cr. of income from this platform.

From level 1 you will earn 425 rs, similarly from level 2 you will earn 170 rs and this goes on upto 7th level where you earn 340 rs per person.

Thank you for going through the complete business plan. Stay tuned for more plan reviews.


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