instant king

Instant King is a new multi level marketing concept which can help you earn a lot of amount. Company is providing you your choices of clothes in respect to your joining amount.

In addition to this company also have auto pool in the business plan so you can earn good amount of money.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Products
  4. Business Plan
  5. Types of income
  6. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Instant king is bringing you a massive opportunity with a very long term vision. It is going to launch today only so you can join and take the early bird benefits.

Instant King introduction

To visti Instant king official website [ Click here ]

about the company

It’s full name is INSTANT KING PVT LTD. Company usually deals in recharge services.

Here you are also going to earn from an auto pool income.

2. Legal documents

Instant King is showing all the legal documents online so it’s easy to verify it’s legality.

legal documents

Above are company’s PAN Card, income tax certificate and registration certificate.

Instant king registration certificate

Company also have MCA registration certificate which approves that this company is verified by Govt. of India, Ministry of corporate affairs.

3. Products

Instant king products

Here company is providing you products of your choice.

4. Business Plan

If you are looking to join the company or associate your business with Instant king, joining amount in the company is INR 1298/- including GST.

business plan

5. Types of income

Instant King is providing you 3 different types of income.

types of income in Instant king
  • Auto pool income
  • Direct sponsor income
  • Reward income

1. Auto pool income

Instant king is providing you autopool income from multiple pools.

1. Executive Pool
executive auto pool

This is completely non working income where 3 by 3 matrix is applied. When 100 members will be filled in your level 1 you will earn 300 rs.

Similarly from second and third level you will earn good amount of money.

From pool 1 you will earn total of INR 1800 and upgrade to next pool.

2. Silver pool
silver pool

From Silver pool you can earn a total of 20,400 rs in returns.

3. Gold pool
gold pool

Instant king gold pool gives you an opportunity to earn total profit of 87,000 which is completely non working.

Similarly you earn from Ruby pool, Pearl pool, platinum pool, emerald pool , diamond pool, crown pool and KING pool.

Total Auto pool income
total auto pool income

This is an amazing opportunity to earn from non working income .

2. Direct sponsor income

From every direct sponsor you do in the company, you will earn INR 50.

You can do unlimited amount of directs in the company.

direct sponsor

3. Reward income

reward income

As you start upgrading your auto pool , you will earn this huge benefits and rewards in return from the company.

6. Terms and conditions

terms and conditions


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