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IndusViva is claiming to be a right company with good products, a great compensation plan and education system which is working for the right cause.

It is a company which focuses on your health as well as wealth, gives you an opportunity to be rich with happiness which many companies fail to deliver.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Products
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income

1. Overview

IndusViva is a Health and Wellness Company.
It is running from Japan, Tokyo from 2006 by the name “Bio Actives Japan Corporation”.

indusviva japan corporation.

Having their own property in Bangalore.

IndusViva manufacture and deliver all their products by themselves

indusviva achievements

2. Products

IndusViva is providing five types of products with a strong motive to prevent us from any diseases.

1. i-pulse

ipulse is a 60 ML bottle full of nutrition and Vitamin-C which helps fight deficiencies. [ Click here to visit ]

  • Acai Berry is an ingredient in it whose ORAC score is way to high comparatively to other fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • It improves immune and heart system.
  • Prevents cancer and very effective fight diseases to keep you healthy.

2. i-coffee

icoffee refreshes the mind and supports healthy blood sugar level in humans. Ranking in blood sugar support. [ Click here to visit ]

  • Blood sugar management
  • Weight management
  • Natural Glycemic wellness

3. i-charge

This improves your immune system, helps improve remember things and gives you strength to improve daily performance. [ Click here to visit ]

  • Improves alertness and memory
  • Supports endurance
  • Improves performance

4. i-slim

Works on the favour of wight management and it is in chocolate form. Helps build good fat and removes saturated fat from the body

  • Weight management
  • Regulates Digestion
  • Metabolic health support

5. i-glow

Perfect for your skin, which contains saffron directly coming from Kashmir Valley. It is not a tube, but a eating product. Specialised for skin glow, skin recovery and overall appearance.

  • Blemish control
  • Radiant complexion
  • Skin rejuvenation
indusviva iglow

3. Business Plan

IndusViva works on a compensation plan from where you can get benefits from NINE different types of income.

indusviva compensation plan

4. Types of income

Here we are going to explain every income in detail.

1. Retail profit = 20 %

If you purchase any product from the give below categories, you will get 20% Cashback on the purchase.

You can join the venture from 1 product to 8 products.

retail profit

If you will join with 8 products, you will be given 200 PV.

What is PV?

PV stands for Point Value.

  • 1 Product = 25 PV
  • 25 PV Matching = 250 Rs
  • Every product costs : 3100/-
    • Product Value : 2500/-
    • 20% Discount for associate : 500/-
    • Handling charges : 100/-

2. Top Retailer’s Bonus

If you make the highest retail sales in the country, you will get 50,000/- Cash prize.

Second highest will be rewarded with a cash prize of 25,000/-

retailers bonus in indusviva
  • If you do retail sales of 1000 PV, you will get products worth 11,990/- FREE.
  • On the business of 600 PV, you will get prdoucts FREE worth 5,998/-
  • When you do retail sales of 300 PV, you will be awarded with products worth 2,997.5/-
Q : How much i earn if you do retail sales of 300 P.V
profit calculation
  • On the selling of 12 products, Per product 500/- Cashback which gives you a benefit of 6000/- Rupees.
  • You got a product free worth 3000/- Rupees.
  • If you do business of more than 200 P.V, it will be calculated on your lesser side as a team bonus.
    • 8 products gave you 200 P.V
    • Remaining 4 products for 250/- Bonus gave a total of 1000/-

These 2 income comes in ACTIVE income. It’ll come when you work.

3. Business Opening Bonus

Here unlike binary, you do not have to maintain 10, 20 legs but only left and right leg.

You will be rewarded Rs 1000/- when you achieve 200 P.V on left leg and Rs 1000/- when you achieve 200 P.V on right leg.
( Separately, Matching not compulsory )

indusviva bonuses
Q : How Business opening bonus works?

Let’s take a look on how you earn Rs 13,000/- in this module.

indusviva profit calculation
  • When you activates your I.D by purchasing 8 products worth 200 P.V, on every product purchase you will get 500/- cashback that equals Rs 4,000/-
  • You get Rs 1000/- on each joining which equals to a profit of Rs 2000/-
  • If you are able to complete the star ( pair below you ) within 14 days, you gets a bonus of Rs 1000/- and if your sponsors complete their stars too, it comes to a total of Rs 3,000/-
  • Person on your left got Rs 2000/- and on your right got Rs 2000/- which totals to Rs 4000/-

4. Team Bonus

Let’s have a look on team bonus.

team bonus

When you did work of 600 P.V on left and 600 P.V on right, you get a bonus of Rs 6,000/-

Steadily it grows.

how it grows
  • Similarly on 1000 G.V Left and 1000 G.V Right, you get bonus reward of Rs 10,000/-
  • On achieving 2000 G.V Left and 2000 G.V Right, you get bonus reward of Rs 20,000/-
carry forward

If you achieve 200 extra G.V ( Group Volume ) on any of your leg, then it is carry forwarded. ( NOT Flushed )

indusviva capping

Here they apply a capping limit on 25,000 G.V weekly as you can see.

5. Royalty

IndusViva minimum royalty starts from Rs 50,000/-

royalty bonus

IndusViva Rank Achievements

Divided in four categories shown below.
If left and right leg both have one associate, you become Star and so on..

indusviva rank achievements

6. Rank Maintenance Bonus

Once you become Ruby executive, if you achieve 1000 P.V on left and 1000 P.V on right for 2 weeks then you will get rank maintenance bonus which is Rs 5000/- per week.


7. Reward Program

You will be eligible for this bonus if you achieve Star rank within 1+1 week.

reward program
Reward program
Star 250 and Star 500
reward program

And many other rewards. [ Click here to visit website ]


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