IAMON is a unique intimating network marketing company which is bringing a massive opportunity for all the individuals in India. From this system you can earn non working daily ROI income also.

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Here in this company, you can avail a lots of services with an option to earn big pay checks from the venture.

On the other hand, IAMON is an Indian social media application with 4.9 rating in Google Play store.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal Registrations
  3. Services and Application
  4. Business Plan
  5. Types of income

1. Overview

IAMON Media Services Pvt. Ltd. is claiming to be 100% safe, legal and secure.

But is it really? Only future holds the reality. Very soon we are going to know what actually is going on in the company.

IAMON birth details

Is it Osmose number 2? or are they really giving every individual a relaxation with the application and opportunity to earn.

2. Legal registrations

Here IAMON is disclosing every legal proof for trust purpose. You can check all the legal certificates and proof that company is doing a legal business in mlm.

IAMON legal certificate

Below every legal certificate is visible including PAN card and registration certificate.

IAMON legal document

3. Services and Application

IAMON released their social media application in play store. You can download from there and use personally before coming to any point.

IAMON play store application

Here company has also released IAMON Feed just like Facebook application but different.


Followed by IAMON Watch where you can make videos just like Tiktok but different.

IAMON  watch

Followed by IAMON E-commerce where you can purchase from thousands of option and order just like flipkart but different.

IAMON  ecommerce

This way you can use the application by personally downloading it from play store.

IAMON  application

4. Business Plan

If you are looking to join the company or planning to associate your business with IAMON then you can activate your id with INR 1500.

Business plan

You can sign up in the system and activate your id.

Company is providing you several types of income in addition to non working daily ROI income which is discussed in below section.

5. Types of income

Here company is providing you .. types of income.

  • 1. Non working income
  • 2. Level income

1. Non-working income

non working income

IAMON is providing you Daily ROI of 25 Rs for the next 120 days.

OMG! Another OSMOSE???

I dont think so but it pretty much seems like the one.

You are investing 1500 INR and getting 3000 INR back.

2. Level income

level income

Here from level 1 you will earn 1 rs from each participant which totals for 10rs daily and a monthly income of 300 rs. Similarly in your level 2, you will get 2 rs daily and from 100 participants you will get total income of 6000rs.

This will go on upto level 7 where you can earn more than 210Cr. of income on monthly basis.

From total level plan, you can earn a total income of 229Cr.+

Thank you for going through the whole business plan, Stay tuned for more business plans updates.


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