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Multi level marketing industry is having a much higher growth in this 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. But coin have 2 faces same as everything has its pros and cons. Fake MLM Companies ratio is also increased in this lockdown.

In this Blog you will get the detailed information about how to check whether a company is FAKE MLM company or LEGAL.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Formulae to determine FAKE MLM Companies.
  3. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
  4. Best Software and Mlm services in India .

1. Overview

Direct selling industry is the only industry which allows its associates to reach ultimate heights, according to their work and hustle.

Lakhs of people in India is earning handsome money from this profession and inspiring youth in our country.

But on the other hand many FAKE MLM companies are ruining direct selling image in market.

Q : Does SCAM occur only in Multi level marketing companies?

No! Scams are happening in every industry like jwellery, stock market, real estate, digital marketing, sports, dance etc.

However direct selling industry is more prone to it since many FAKE mlm companies did fraud in Indian market. A wider audience went through its effects due to which many good companies are facing trust issues.

2. Formulae to determine FAKE MLM Companies.

Let’s see how to actually find out which company will survive and which is coming for a very small period of time.

Formulae to determine FAKE MLM Companies is :


Let’s elaborate every alphabet and it’s meaning in the formulae.

Letter – F ( Founder / Team )

Whenever we look into a business plan which is very attractive, interesting but we check out the website and founder team is missing.

If the MLM Company which you are researching about, has not uploaded any information about founder or the team which started the company then it is a ALERT that it could be a FAKE MLM Company.

Letter – A ( High Admin Charge )

Binary + repurchase plans or generation plans which comes in market for a long term vision don’t even deduct admin charge.

Many companies does but it is around 5%.

Companies which are deducting more than 10% admin charges are many times came into limelight for being a FAKE MLM Company.

Letter – L ( Legal registrations missing )

If any company wants to start a service in India, it should be registered legally and government should have every information about it.

  • Private limited
  • Enterprise
  • Gomasthdhara
  • E-udhyog
  • Or any other legal document.

If any MLM Company are not showing their legalities or displaying FAKE certificates like Razoo did recently, than those companies can be a FAKE MLM Company.

Letter – C ( Changes in Business plan )

Multi level marketing concepts are built once in the beginning and runs for a very long duration on the same business plan.

If the MLM Company you are trying to research for, are making changes in their business plan very often, or weekly or monthly, then it is a sign that it could be a FAKE MLM Company.

Remaining letters will be explained very soon so STAY TUNED!!

3. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
Click here to Read this blog.

4. Best Software and Mlm services in India .

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