hello team business plan

Hello Team is a new multi level marketing company which is expertise trading platform with high ratings and good rankings. Project is trying to teach concept of crypto currency to existing and upcoming generation.

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Providing four different types of income to earn from, after going through the business plan, you may want to read more about the reviews of the company.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Hello team is a crypto currency trading platform with one of the highest claiming rankings on coinmarketcap.

It is a company whose motive is to give financial freedom to people working in it and spread more awareness to people about crypto currency.

hello team mission

Company is having targets of more than 50 Lakh rs to achieve in upcoming years.

2. Business Plan

Hello team is giving you 8 different packages to join from. Joining amount starts from $25 and goes upto $5,000.

joining packages

You have multiple options, if you don’t have much budget you can join with $25 and if you want to invest higher amount $5000 is also an option open for you.

3. Types of income

Hello team is giving you four types of income to earn from.

  • Paid air drop
  • Referral air drop
  • Level air drop
  • Club air drop
types of income in hello team

1. Paid Air drop

Company is giving you returns upto 300%. Here you will get 1% daily return everyday for 300days.

Project system is going to credit this amount in your block chain wallet.

paid air drops

2. Referral Air drop

Which ever person you sponsor in the system, you will get 10% direct referral income. 10% of package of your direct sponsor will be your commission, a reward for the sale.

referral income in hello team

There is no capping for this income, you can earn as much you want in this system.

3. Level Air drop

Company is also giving you chance to earn matching bonus as per levels till 40 generations.

Level 1 will give you 15% matching bonus, from second to fourth level you will get 10% matching bonus. Similarly in below table you can see till 40 levels you will get this income.

level match bonus in hello team

4. Club Air drop

When your income in the company will cross $2,500 you will get Silver rank and you will be eligible to take benefit from 3% of CTO. All the silver rank achievers will get this income equally from 3% of CTO.

Similarly when you income become $8,000 you will get Gold rank! Lot’s of adventures and income as you keep upgrading in the ranks.

4. Terms and conditions

If you are planning to join the company or earning from the income, you can check all the terms and conditions in below image. It is mandatory to go through each one of them since all the biggest truths hides in the conditions.

Hope you got to learn the best from hello team, stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.


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