heather club

Heather Club is a crowd funding concept which is gaining wide popularity in India. A company which is giving massive opportunity to huge number of associates to earn by investing.

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With only 0.05 ETH joining you can activate your id in this system.

Heather Club launched on 10th of September. You have great opportunity to take the early bird benefits from the system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. System fees

1. Overview

Heather club is launched just 2 weeks ago so you have a great opportunity to earn from this organisation.

Heather Club introduction

They are claiming to develop new technologies with no more charges.

For those who don’t know what is a crowd funding concept :

Crowd funding refers to a scenario in which a large group of people donates a small amount.
It acts as a funding to grow a new business, later on the investors get huge benefits on their investment when the company grows and the company owners gets his business running.

This creates a win-win situation for both investors and company owner.

What is Heather club?

Heather Club crowd funding

2. Business plan

Let’s discuss about their business plan and joining amount.

I know you want to join and you are very eager to know the activation amount so you can start working with the company.

Heather Club joining package

Joining amount in Heather club is 0.05 ETH only.

Heather Club business plan

In a hive there are 7 positions. When you join the system you comes to the center of the hive which is in center.

When you sponsor 2 person, let say A and B then 50% of their joining amount is transferred to your wallet directly.

After that when you will help A sponsor A1 and A2 in the network, A will get 50% of their joining amount and you will also get the same. Similarly when you will help B to sponsor B1 and B2 in the network then B also gets 50% of their activation and you get the same.


Bronze HIVE

bronze hive

This is Bronze Rank where 5 hives are included. In first hive when you invest 0.05 ETH, you can earn a total of 0.12 ETH back similarly from second hive you can earn 0.18ETH and so on till 5th hive where you can earn 0.36ETH.

Silver HIVE

silver hive

You can check out here in Hive 6 joining fee is 0.2ETH from which you can earn 0.6ETH and so on till 10th Hive in Silver rank where you can earn a total of 3.0ETH.


gold hive

Here you can see in Gold rank, Hive 11 joining fee is 2 ETH from which you can earn 6 ETH and so on till 15th Hive in Silver rank where you can earn a total of 48.0 ETH.

Diamond Rank

diamond hive

Furthermore, You can check out here in Hive 16 joining fee is 40 ETH from which you can earn 120 ETH and so on till 20th Hive in Silver rank where you can earn a total of 360 ETH.

Heather Zumbo

heather zumbo

Heather zumbo is your 21st hive whose upgrade amount is 250 ETH. It works on the same mechanism like first hive, Total amount which you can earn from this hive is 750 ETH.

3. System fees

Amount which will be deducted from your investment every time you upgrade or earn is called system fees.

How much ? is mentioned below.

upgrade from h1 to h12

Here is what it looks like from Hive 1 to hive 12. Further for remaining hives are :

upgrade from h13 to h21

In total you earn a total of 2068 ETH amongst which 689 ETH is used in upgrade and remaining 700+ ETH is your profit.


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